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Banana Republic blouse, similar here
Stella & Dot tote, obsessed with this!
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I'm probably the only woman on Earth that doesn't care for black clothing. I'm not sure what it is. I mean, it's incredibly slimming and it always looks polished right? Maybe it's too stark for me and it's obvious I prefer lighter neutrals if you have followed my blog. Or, maybe it's because Nettie sheds like crazy and I hate using a lint roller every time she wants a snuggle (which is all the time).

That being clear, I do love this outfit that I threw together last week. Most of my laundry needed washing so I had to scramble to come up with something I could run around in before leaving for Ohio. Ideally I like to plan my outfits in advance. I was the kid in school who laid out her clothes the night before, and when I was working in a more traditional setting, I planned my outfits at least a couple days in advance so I didn't have to rush in the mornings. Lately, I'm a bit more lax about my outfits and I'm realizing that sometimes they actually turn out pretty well on the fly.

Do you wear black often? I hope you had a great weekend and are off to a great Monday!


  1. I do wear black but not often, I do love a little black dress because they are easy to style but I don't have a whole lot of them. That little dress looks so comfy and love it paired with the vest.


  2. I'm the same about black clothing - I find that it's such a harsh colour on me and looks too severe - whereas I love white everything lol! But black is very chic - and I love how you layered it here!

  3. Funny, I didn't realized until you mentioned it that you don't wear a lot of black! I love black, but I don't wear as much of it as I used to. I blame blogging...it's harder to show the details of most pieces if they're black. That said, it does look great on you and that's a really cute dress!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  4. Black is such an easy color to throw on and doesn't show stains as much so as a mom, I do like black once in a while! This outfit is adorable!

    1. I never thought about that! I'm sure I'll be wearing more black if/when I'm a mom ;)


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