I feel like I say this every Summer - when the temperatures rise, the last thing I want to feel on my skin is a ton of makeup. I realize I don't wear much anyway, but I especially go light during the months of June through September. It gets excruciatingly hot in Temecula!

My routine consists of: 

Taking advantage of glowing skin while keeping sweat at bay.

Enhancing my light tan but protecting from too much sun exposure.

Fun sweeps of color across my lips that look stained from eating a popsicle.

Polished but super low-maintenance.

Below are my current favorites for achieving this:

Before I go and enjoy the weekend, I want to remind you guys that today is the last day to enter my Nordstrom & blogiversary giveaway! Early access to the Nordstrom sale began yesterday so it's the perfect chance to do some shopping if you win the E-gift card. Good luck! I'll announce the winner here next week. Anyone do any shopping yet?

I also want to say a HUGE thank you for all of your warm responses to Wednesday's real talk post. I was so touched and am incredibly humbled by your kindness. I will be responding to all of you today, but I promise I read each one as they were coming in. It is amazing to hear that I'm not alone. Logically I know this, but it's reassuring anyway. Have a happy Friday!


  1. So fun to see your beauty favorites! I have a similar post planned for next week but entirely different products, LOL! Your makeup is always perfection so obviously know what you're doing!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

    1. Oooo, can't wait to read yours! I love your beauty posts! And thank you, I love playing with makeup more than I like wearing it. New discovery I've made :)

  2. I love your analogy of having a lip color as if stained from a popsicle! Perfect summer visual!
    Caryl | http://morepiecesofme.com


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