I was kindly sent a PR package from L'Oreal a few weeks ago.

Aside from the fact that a well-known beauty brand gifted me ANYTHING, there was one product that really stood out. Voluminous lash paradise mascara has turned me once again into a drugstore beauty believer. Here's why:

It lifts the lashes and holds a curl until it's removed.

It has great coverage in just one coat, but is also buildable. I usually opt for two coats. The result is fluttery lashes that look long and full.

It doesn't flake off. I can't stand mascara that does that!

The wand as you'll see below is large, but not so big that you can't coat every lash. Thicker wands often feel awkward but this one allows for optimal control. I normally prefer plastic bristles as they grip lashes better, but this one is perfect for building tons of volume.

The formula isn't watery, but it's also not too thick. My gripe about the regular Voluminous mascara is that it translates to goopy lashes. This formula is much easier to work with and layer without looking overdone.

Wearing the lash paradise

I don't plan on purchasing any high-end mascara after trying this. In fact, this is the only mascara in my collection now. You know that Too Faced mascara that I once raved about? It also comes in a pink tube...this is even better than that, and at a fraction of the price! 

Have you tried lash paradise? If not, make a Target run. You're welcome 😙


  1. I usually love my maybelline but I'll totally check this one out.


  2. I have gone back and forth to regular voluminous mascara over the years but I have not tried this one yet! I guess I'll have to pick some up on my next Target run! Also, if you haven't tried the Voluminous lash primer then you really must!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

    1. Yes! I have that in my collection as well! I bought one a few months ago and have enjoyed it ever since. It pairs perfectly with this mascara! Dynamic duo.

  3. I am a huge fan of L'Oreal products and am constantly impressed with the quality for the price. I am definitely getting this mascara next time I need some! Love it when you can find great drugstore products!

  4. I hope you ladies will give it a try, please report back if you do! I'd love to hear your thoughts

  5. I LOVE this mascara. I will say, I have totally natural lashes that are naturally long but thin no extensions or anything fake. I have some very expensive mascaras and this is just as good or better than the most expensive ones I have tried. It makes my lashes look so much thicker, isn't clumpy and doesn't end up flaked all over my face. I feel bad because I am reaching for this mascara instead of the ones that cost a lot more. I actually just bought another tube and one for my mom to try.

    1. That's great to hear Melissa! Mascara reviews are tricky because I feel like everyone wants or needs something different. I haven't read too many negative thoughts on this. It really is SO good! I love finding a drugstore option because makeup can get so expensive when you solely shop at places like Sephora.


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