New packaging in shades of blush and rose gold. Perfect for gifts!

As a Stella & Dot stylist, I'm always ecstatic when a new collection arrives. Fall is hands-down the best time to shop, isn't it? I love jewel tones, cozy knits, and layering. Unfortunately, SoCal doesn't really get to experience all that the season has to offer so while everyone wears their ankle boots and cardigans, I reach for jewelry to make my wardrobe look more updated.

This has to be my favorite collection since I became a stylist! It took me a few days to narrow down a list, and yet I still have my eye on a few things I didn't order at the jump. There are so many great basics that fit nicely in my collection, but there are also fun trendy items I know you will love.

Trends for Fall include: mixing metals, rose gold, natural stones, shades of olive, blush, burgundy, and blue, as well as a whimsical theme. There is something for everyone, whether you like being bold or prefer delicate pieces that can be worn on a daily basis.

I used to sample a little of everything when I first started out, but now I only buy what suits my personal style. Here are my picks from the Fall 2017 collection:

You know I love cobalt and druzy so this was immediately added to my cart. It's even more vibrant in person, and I plan on layering it with some of my other gold bracelets, If you live in neutrals, an ocean blue like this is a great way to introduce some color.

My new daily necklace, the pave Arabesque. 
I love silver and this is an effortless way to update my collection. 

The brier ring comes in different sizes. It has so much shine with the apricot colored stones

This is a must-have, and if there's one piece I highly recommend, it's a bangle that you can engrave with whatever you choose. Your kids' names, wedding date, birthday, or a special saying that serves as a reminder every time you glance down at your arm. They come in yellow gold, silver, and rose gold.

As an aside, mine say "Never let your fears decide your fate" and "Show love with no remorse". Both are song lyrics that have resonated with me for somewhat obvious reasons. I hope you'll keep these in mind if you're ever in the market for a thoughtful gift! With fast fashion becoming the norm in an age of social media and selfies, I love personal jewelry that is unique to YOU.

Also, I want to mention some exciting news - beginning this Friday, we will be offering a dose of fashion to go along with your jewels. That's right, tops! Tops and tees that I cannot wait to get my hands on. It's a natural progression since people often ask what the models are wearing in the lookbooks.

If you're interested in any of these, send me an email or shop my online boutique here. There is lot to choose from!


  1. Love the new packaging and that Arabesque necklace is stunning!!!

    1. Yes, the box has your name all over it Zeba :) Rose gold and blush remind me of you. The arabesque is beautiful and I'm wearing it today with a bell sleeve navy top.

  2. These are all beautiful pieces! I really love the druzy cuff and ring!

    1. Thank you! Let me know if you ever need anything :)

  3. LOVE your picks from the Fall collection! That Arabesque necklace is so cute! I love that ring too but I'm trying to cut back on buying rings for now!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

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