With Thanksgiving just around the corner and the holidays coming so quickly, I wanted to provide some ideas that can be worn on these special occasions. I know we all celebrate in our own way - some of us hit the party circuit, while some of us hibernate by the fire. No matter what your style is or what your plans are, I'll be featuring three distinct looks that hopefully will inspire you as we get closer to the holidays. First up...

The Lace Dress

Wear it to:
 Fall or Winter wedding
Company or corporate dinner party
Any "formal" event
New Years Eve

The lace dress is probably my favorite, and I've worn it to so many events like weddings, anniversaries, and a girls' night out. The key here is in its versatility. Lace looks formal, but it isn't as dramatic as say, sequins. The timeless elegance will never go out of style, and you'll be surprised at how much wear you can get from a simple lace dress. This one in particular epitomizes my personal style pretty clearly. It's a gorgeous jewel tone, the silhouette flatters my curves, and the length is so feminine. I feel that it's fairly universal and not only will you get compliments from your significant other, but your fussy aunt from out of town may just do a double-take as well :)

Wearing //
LOFT dress, similar here & here
Nordstrom clutch, similar

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  1. Love that pretty dress on you and it looks so good with the pink pumps.


  2. This is such a gorgeous dress! That color is so pretty and looks like it would flatter just about any skin tone. So far I don't have any invitations to holiday events that are formal enough for a dressy-dress, but if I get one, lace dresses are my my fave. :)
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  3. Such a gorgeous dress and seriously so perfect for holidays! A lace dress is always a classic choice. This one looks so gorgeous on you. Excited to see your holiday content!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  4. That is a gorgeous dress, and so much classier than sequins indeed!


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