It's time for December updates, and this one is naturally all about the holidays. I began participating in this link-up last month, and I love how it not only breaks up my usual content of outfits and beauty, but also connecting with you on a more personal level.

The holidays haven't always been the most wonderful time of the year for me, and you can read about that here. But, I want to end the year on a positive note and so this time I've made a conscious effort to celebrate in my own ways, on my own terms. I hope you are too.


1. Lighting - We bought our tree over the weekend but have yet to fully decorate it! I've only had a real tree once in my life, and that was the year that Nate and I got married. After we got our dog Nettie, we took a break from getting a tree at all, real or not. She was way too curious and I was afraid that she'd end up destroying whatever we put up. I'm still catching her trying to eat pine needles, but she has definitely matured in the last few months and I can't wait until our tree is fully dressed with glittery lights.

However, we did visit the tree at South Coast Plaza in Orange County, and as usual, it was a beauty! 

2. Spending - I could answer this in several ways, but I think I did enough monetary damage on black Friday to last me awhile! I'm really spending more time with friends and family. I have a few get togethers planned with my girlfriends and it's honestly the best (and most meaningful) kind of spending anyone can do.

3. Choosing - What to get and do for Nate's birthday. His 36th is on December 30th and I have NO clue what to get for him or what to do to celebrate! I guess I need to read a few more gift guides ;) It's always tough figuring out Christmas and his birthday since they are only a few days apart. Not to mention New Year's. Any suggestions are welcomed!

4. Sending - We took our first ever family pictures at my friend's ranch this past weekend. My brother-in-law took them in various locations on the ranch and even though I had low expectations, I'm really happy with them! I say low expectations because working with a dog can be tricky! Lots of treats and positive reinforcement were involved. But Nettie stole the show as usual, and the photo below is getting a special frame somewhere in our home. All of our friends and family will receive a Christmas card this year.

Princess Nettie

5. Singing - I'm not much into holiday music, but I am into the Lumineers/Vance Joy show we are going to this Saturday. I've been listening to their albums non-stop. For like, a month straight. Do you ever binge on a band or performer you're about to see?

How is your December shaping up so far? Let me know of any updates you may have in the comments! Linking up with Anne and Catherine 


  1. I agree that spending time with friends and family is the best kind of spending! I feel guilty when I get too caught up in the OTHER kind of spending this time of year. Maybe Nate would like some of the gifts on my list of ideas for older boys?! LOL. Sorry I'm not much help there! So glad you participated this month!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

    1. Haha, he probably would like the gifts in your guide! Men are so hard to shop for, aren't they? Or maybe it's because I'm more used to buying things for women! Either way, It's not my favorite!

  2. I like seeing friends and family this time of the year too. Sometimes it's more about the experiences than anything.

    Aw, your dog is too cute! I'm glad the photos went well. :) Buying gifts can be so tough sometimes. A lot of people seem to really love Yeti tumblers - if he doesn't have one already. That or a portable charger maybe? You don't need to be a big traveler for that to still come in handy!


    1. Thank you Lauren. It's easy to get caught up in the shopping madness and sales. It's overwhelming! I'd much rather donate to a charity, or go on a fun overnight trip instead of receiving gifts. He doesn't have a portable charger, so maybe I'll get that for him! We are getting new phones soon because our batteries on our current phones are three years old and dying!

      Thank you for stopping by!

  3. Your dog is the cutest! Loved this post, yes best kind of spending is spending time with those we love.

    We get a real tree each year and we stated this when we got married. Growing up my Karen's always did a fake one. We're actually getting ours tomorrow. We have been doing some reno's around the house (bathroom, room in basement) so not enough time to start early this year.

    Normally my husband and I just buy gifts for Sofia. We have do much stuff honestly I feel wasteful asking for gifts. So we geberally get something for the house that we can both use. This year we are buying a full new kitchen. Renovation to start late January but we gave our contractor

    1. Thank you Saadeh :) I feel the same way about gifts, I always feels so guilty! Most things I find a way to get own my own so I'd rather just spend time with people. Good luck with the renovation!

  4. Our holiday schedule is so funky this year! Not seeing my family and celebrating with his family super early on the 15th! I dunno. It doesn’t feel like Christmas over here yet. I’m working on it though!!
    Happy birthday Nate!!
    Caryl | http://morepiecesofme.com

    1. Awww, I wish you could come to Cali! You guys travel so often that you're probably glad to be at home! I hope you have a great Christmas no matter where you are :)

  5. Oooooh that tree! And I love sending out Christmas cards - an excuse for family photos is always fun, especially when you get results like that :) Hope you do enjoy the holiday season, your way. Thanks for linking up!

  6. I always do a kick binge listen right before a concert! That one sounds like a lot of fun.


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