Every season this year, I will be resuming my current cravings post. I used to do these a lot when I first started blogging and I'm not sure why I stopped!  You probably know the drill - these are all items that are on my radar, either because I am lacking something similar in my existing wardrobe or because I want to try a certain trend.

This month finally feels "Wintery" here so most of my cravings are still in the cold weather category. January is a pretty boring month in the fashion world. Most stores look picked over from the holiday sales, but it's still too chilly to think about Spring. Luckily for me, I still need a few things that I can wear now...but also later as the temps warm back up.

Notice a theme here? Neutral, versatile, and basically fool-proof! Next month, we'll see what I picked up, what worked, and maybe what didn't. What are you craving?


  1. I love those rose gold slides <3 very unique and so pretty.

    I did quite but if shopping in January this year. So I'm officially on a shopping ban until spring. Which for us could be as far away as May lol!

  2. I love the camel slides, perfect for spring indeed.


  3. Oh I'm excited to see the return of this post! It's really fun to see what you're eyeing and great inspo for wear now + later pieces. This really is a tricky time of year to shop. (And to post outfits, but that's another story!)
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  4. I’m loving these picks - especially the second item on your clothing rack - it’s such a pretty colour. And those rose gold flats are beautiful!

  5. These are all gorgeous items! I am drooling over those rose gold mules! Spring is a long way off for us so I am still all about cozy and warm items!


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