First off, happy new year everyone! I hope you guys had a great ending to the year and are ready to start fresh. As I've always said, I love the feeling of a clean slate every January and this time is no different. Every day holds the possibility of something extraordinary, so try and make the most of it!

               Wearing // BLANK NYC jacket, Free People bralette, similar camisole, Express jeans,                          similar pumps, Sezane bag
                M.A.C. lips in Ravishing

I wore this during the festivities and really enjoyed the new moto jacket I got during Nordstrom's anniversary sale. I could finally put it to use! It's a bit heavy for California weather, but it gets really chilly at night so it's perfect as a topper to any outfit. And the color! Such a rich caramel shade that brings out the warmth in my features. It's definitely one of my favorite purchases from last year (how weird is it to say that by the way?!)

I don't typically do resolutions, at least not in the formal sense. I think it's a nice sentiment but it also sets people up for failure. Small changes and tweaks as well as setting long-term goals is the most effective way to go about a new year. I like to write mine down so that I can actually visualize what I want to accomplish. Some people also create mood boards and I think I might do that alongside a written list. Here are the areas I want to focus on for 2018:

1) Health: Put my health and wellbeing at the top of my priority list.

2) Relationships: Continue to foster the relationships in my life that are valuable and important to me.

3) Education: I start school again next week, and I want to throw myself into learning all that I can.

4) Finances: Spend less on things, more on memories.

5) Positive Thinking: This will always be SO difficult for me, but worth the constant reminder.

And for the blog:

1) Improved photography: I got a new lens, can you tell the difference? I absolutely can by these pictures!

2) A Set Schedule: Monday-Wednesday seems to be the best option for me but I know blogging three days a week is ideal. I personally don't tend to read blogs on Fridays for some reason, but maybe that's just me.

I'm going to continue plugging along, and I'm really excited to see where the year takes all of us! Dwelling on past mistakes and negative thinking keeps us stagnant but moving forward, even baby steps, is the key to happiness and success. I plan on going more in depth about these goals in the coming weeks so I hope you'll follow along with me. 💋

What are some of your goals/intentions for the new year?


  1. Oh yea I totally notice the change with the new lens, love this cute look and great goals for the new ywar.


    1. Your photography has always been pretty so if you can tell, that's a huge compliment! Thanks Rachelle :)

  2. First, I love this outfit! I would wear every piece! Second, congrats on your new lens - how fun! I loved reading your New Year goals! I always find fresh motivation when I hear what other people are working on. It's one of the reasons I love this time of year too.
    Gina || On the Daily Express

    1. Thank you Gina! I'm glad you like the outfit - it is definitely something you would wear! And I agree, motivated people helps others get motivated as well. We should all help each other stick to our goals!

  3. I love your resolution about positive thinking! It's something I always try to do, but struggle with at times. It's a great idea for a resolution!

    1. I have negative thoughts running through my head ALL the time. Sometimes I can combat them, other times I give in. It'll always be a struggle but being aware of it is also a great first step!

  4. Happy new Year Noelle :) so great that you are going back to school. What will you be taking?

    I make my New Year resolution on my birthday each year as that is a new beginning for me. It's a month away so I gtta think of something soon lol! I know one of them will be positive thinking (also very hard for me).

    1. Thank you Saadeh! I'm taking a copyediting course since that is still the certificate I want to get, and I'm also taking a business course.

      I love that you look at your birthday as a fresh start! That's a great idea and it makes so much sense. I hadn't thought of that before!

  5. Yay for a new lens! I love this black and tan combo. Wearing it on the blog today too. Happy new year to you! That's exciting you are starting school!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  6. Those are some very good goals. If only replacing negative thinking with positive thinking was as simple as it sounds. That is a seriously gorgeous jacket, and yay for the new lens, yes, I can definitely tell!


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