Wearing // Soludos espadrilles, Old Tobi dress but same silhouette and price here, Sold out Clare V bag but look for less here (and really everywhere)

Last Summer was when I first took notice of the brand Soludos. So many of my favorite bloggers were wearing their espadrilles, and they just seemed to really tie an outfit together. Even though I had my eye on them then, I decided to wait and when they cropped up again this year, I wondered why it was taking me so long to just buy them! Do you guys ever do this? I actually enjoy delayed gratification (which seems to be lacking these days but that's for another conversation).

I'm fairly particular with shoes, so I wasn't sure if this style would work for me, or whether or not they would get worn a lot. But honestly, at less than $70 dollars, I figured I could return them if they weren't meant for me. Luckily, they definitely were meant for me! I read reviews that claimed they stretch out quite a bit so I went with a 6.5 instead of a 7. I can tell that they will stretch out, but hopefully not too much! I haven't had any issues with the laces coming undone when I walk, and they look equally cute with denim shorts. I'll have to style them again for you, but I'm surprised at just how versatile, comfortable, and flattering they are. The wedge espadrilles are really tempting too!

Have you worn espadrilles? Give them a shot if you haven't. I hope you guys are having a great week!

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  1. I got these espadrilles like 3-4 years ago and still love them. Love that little dress on you, so cute!


  2. Oh those espadrilles are so cute! I have a similar pair in my closet I need to bring out. Sometimes I do wait on a certain trend to see if it will last another season...I just don't like to buy things that are in and out of style too quickly! I'm glad you still have this dress! It's so pretty on you and perfect for summer.
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  3. They are adorable! I love the bold stripes!

  4. This dress is so cute. I love the ruching on the top and the fact that it's an off the shoulder makes it a perfect trendy dress!


  5. You look beautiful! I love this entire outfit, especially the striped espadrilles

  6. I keep looking at their website too and wanting to order. Glad to hear your review. I love the pair you picked! So cute on you with this dress.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  7. I picked up a pair of soludos espadrilles a couple years ago when I became obsessed with a limited edition run in a black, white, and blue striped gradient. I love how comfortable they are!

  8. You are so beautiful!!
    It's the first time I'm visiting here... It's worth visiting..



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