I thought I'd do something different and share what I typically eat everyday as well as some easy recipes I'm loving. If this isn't of interest to you and you couldn't care less, I totally get it! But for those that are interested, I'm hoping you find this somewhat helpful. I love watching grocery store hauls on Instagram stories...is that a thing?

Back Story: I'm not the best cook. I even have a Pinterest board called "cooking for the timid cook" where I pin easy recipes to make. I try to reduce the stress of meal planning by sticking to healthy options that don't involve much thinking!
I've struggled a bit with my weight since turning 30. If you've read here since the beginning, then you've probably noticed too. Pounds don't come off as readily as they used to, and I'm totally okay with that as a whole. But, I'm human and I get down on myself from time to time especially on days where I take outfit photos. There's nothing quite like looking at a picture of yourself and getting a reality check.

There are so many diets out there - paleo, carnivore, keto, low carb, no carb, low sugar, no sugar. It's hard to keep up with the fads, so I don't even bother trying anymore.  I stick to proteins and vegetables most of the time because I like the way my body feels when I do. That's all the proof I need. But I LOVE food, and I don't believe in restricting certain types anymore. If I want bread I eat it! In moderation though because it makes me feel super bloated and tired. I applied for a job a few months ago working at a treatment facility for eating disorders and the director of the program told me something that resonated, as small as it seems. She said, "we don't believe in good or bad food here, only food." I don't think I'll ever forget that interview.

Typical lunch is salad of some sort using whatever we have on hand. 

Breakfast: It's all about eggs!
I'm rarely very hungry in the morning, but I eat a little something anyway so that my body can get a jumpstart on the day. I reach for a hardboiled egg (I make a fresh batch every Sunday evening). We also do a lot of egg bakes that can be reheated every morning. I take a casserole dish and combine eggs, almond milk, veggies, shredded cheese, and turkey sausage. Throw it in the oven at 400 and bake between 20 and 30 minutes.

I don't drink coffee every morning, but I treat myself to an almond milk latte two or three times a week. We have a couple spots by our house that I just love (Liquid Leaf and Intazza if you're in Temecula).

I'm not a big Trader Joe's person, but they make the best seasonings that I like to put on everything from eggs, to salads, to grilled fish. The chile lime is my favorite.

I like to put some pesto on chicken breast, eggs, and of course pasta! Kirkland makes my favorite.

Lunch: I love a hearty salad using what we have around but the one above was pretty sad because all we had was some roast beef from the deli and grape tomatoes. Hey, it's quick and it's satisfying. I also love sandwiches so if Nate and I go out to eat, we usually split one. We split a lot actually! It keeps the cost of eating out down and portions at restaurants are usually too big for me anyway.

Dinner: Usually a protein and roasted or sauteed vegetables. I also swear by my crock pot and throw in sweet potatoes and chicken as a stew. 

Snacks: Crackers and almond butter, assorted nuts, cuties, string cheese, pickles, or fruit. 

Something Sweet: We usually keep some dark chocolate around and whenever I have a sweet tooth, I'll eat a couple squares. Also, chocolate covered almonds are a must in our pantry!

This Summer, I discovered these Greek frozen yogurt bars. I'm sure they've been around for awhile, but they're new to me. Perfect for hot days when I want something ice cold and refreshing.

What do you guys think? Pretty easy right?! I'm always looking for suggestions or new recipes so if you have any specialties, send them my way! Making meals is still a bit intimidating, but I've come a long way since college. When you look at food as fuel and as medicine, your perspective changes. None of this is ground-breaking, but it kind of has been for me in my life as I try to take better care of myself from the inside out.

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  1. This was a fun post! I like seeing what people buy at the grocery store too. There are just so many food options these days, it's interesting to see how we narrow it all down and decide what to eat! Love your healthy philosophy on food and eating - thanks for sharing. :)
    Gina || On the Daily Express


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