I said a couple weeks ago that I would be saving my moto jackets for cooler weather. Well, let's just say I couldn't resist wearing this one. It's THE BEST jacket for Fall and there are a few reasons why...

First. I just love the look of a moto jacket to pull together an outfit. It feels a bit younger and edgier than your typical cozy cardigan, and I think one transitions easily from day to night. Great for a date!

Second, this moto jacket in particular is a nice weight for in-between weather. It's not true suede, so it's much less heavier than the real thing. I have one from BlankNYC and although I absolutely adore the fit and color, it's quite substantial so it's been designated as my Winter coat. The one I'm wearing here is much more versatile.  

And third, this moto jacket comes in several beautiful colors. I love them so much that I grabbed one in burgundy as well.  For reference, I sized down one size. My jacket collection is small but useful. I can pull any of them out and each one goes with everything from dresses to denim. 

Are you as into moto jackets as I am?! Linking up with Pink Sole today.


  1. This jacket is so cute and love the color so much. I do want a new camel moto jacket.


  2. I love this whole look! That jacket is gorgeous and I'm glad you gave the comparison to the BlankNYC jacket. I have that one too and don't love it as much as everyone else because it's SO heavy. It's a bit too warm to get a lot of use in our climate. BTW, loving your hair in these photos!! Gorgeous!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  3. Motojackets are often a perfect fall weight! I love the color of yours, it looks so soft and lovely!
    Chic on the Cheap

  4. I love adding a motojacket to outfits too. It adds warmth and some edge! Yours is fabulous!

  5. I tried commenting on my phone several times but it never went through :(

    I LOVE how this jacket looks on you, I'm a huge Old Navy fan - but I can't believe this jacket is from there - it looks way more expensive! I'm publishing a Fall Haul post tonight and am linking to this post because this is such a good find :-)


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