I hope everyone had a relaxing holiday weekend! How did yours go?

We went camping by the beach for four days and it was pure bliss. Nate's family was out of town so we postponed our gathering. Instead of turkey, cranberry sauce and stuffing, we had In-n-Out! I must've gained five pounds with all the burgers and Mexican food we indulged in, and yet round two is this Saturday so I'm reeling myself in until then!

Anyway, it was probably the best non-traditional Thanksgiving I've ever had. Waking up to the sun shining on the water and listening to the waves crashing while drinking my morning coffee and walking the dog - as I said, PURE BLISS. We seriously have dreams about selling all of our stuff and living out of an RV for a year. I know that sounds a little crazy, especially for a girl who loves clothes but I swear some days that's all I want!

Speaking of clothes, I hope you guys aren't tired of seeing my growing moto jacket collection. I can't stop reaching for them, usually when I don't know what else to wear. In my defense, Nate does work in the motorsports field so I'd like to think I'm just doing my part to represent 😉

Wearing // Old Navy moto jacket, Wit & Wisdom jeans , Zara pumps & cami (old), Sezane bag (unavailable), Gorjana coin necklace

But do you want to know the best part of camping during the holidays? No stress! Instead of pushing sales on social media (or being tempted by them myself) I instead focused on my family. 

*I did do some online shopping, but I stuck to a list I made earlier in the month and now I'm just waiting for my packages to arrive. I ordered a pair of toffee colored ankle boots, an olive sweater dress, and those faux leather Spanx leggings that everyone has. They didn't work for my best friend (I won't repeat what she said since I make it a point not to use that language on this blog), but I'm giving them a go! If everything fits nicely, you'll see them here very soon*

Did you do any holiday sale shopping this year, or are you tired of it already?! 


  1. Your holiday sound perfect, you have to tell me what your bff said about these leggings. I personally love them but my friend tried them in front on me last month and they were seriously awful on her.
    This moto is so cute, love this rich color.


  2. That moto jacket is gorgeous! And I like your justification for it, lol! Glad you and Nate had such a nice Thanksgiving! Being off social media for major sales is the BEST. I hope your Black Friday purchases work out for you!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  3. That jacket is darling and I absolutely love your thought process about it. It's basically supporting him!

  4. Your Thanksgiving sounds amazing! And you made such memories! I love your moto jacket collection. I don't think I wear mine enough since it seems to go straight from 80s to snow here!

  5. Wow, Thanksgiving on the water sounds amazing! And I absolutely love your outfit, Noelle. That burgundy moto jacket is so stylish!

    Miles of smiles,



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