On Saturday, I co-hosted a Christmas party with my best friend at her apartment in San Diego. We wanted it to be fairly casual but also festive! When we arrived at their place, her husband surprised us by dressing up as Santa. She went all out with tons of shimmering lights, candles, a beautiful tree, and a naughty elf that kept sneaking up to her bar cart every few minutes. We exchanged white elephant gifts and laughed the night away. Honestly it was so much fun. The holidays can be pretty hard on us emotionally. We both get the holiday blues for different reasons...but celebrating together helps. I'm hoping it can become a tradition, something to really look forward to each year.

In planning my outfit, I knew we were going to be inside most of the time so I just wanted to be comfortable yet also look put-together. I guess that's always my style philosophy! I love this Leith dress so much in gray that I had to have it in black as well. I threw on my burgundy jacket, a little leopard, and I was good to go. 

Have you gone to any parties yet this season? What did you wear?! 


  1. Oh I love everything about this look! That jacket is so gorgeous, and those ankle boots are perfect! Your holiday party sounds so fun! I'm glad you two were able to start a new tradition to brighten up the season. :)
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  2. Insane fashion styling!! Wish I could bookmark it twice.

  3. This jacket is stunning on you - the colour suits you so well <3

  4. Mic drop. Your fashion is everything!


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