"Style should be seasonless"

I've decided to begin a new monthly blog series where I share my favorite beauty, fashion, or lifestyle picks for that specific month - anything that stands out! This month I've focused more on beauty treatments, and I freshened up my hair color as well. I know I have zero room to complain about the weather, but it's been one of the coldest Winters I can remember here and getting dressed every morning has been challenging. Not because "I don't have a thing to wear" but because my only objective at the moment is keeping warm. True style should be seasonless, but that's easier said than done! 

The January Edit:
L'Oreal Rouge Signature Lasting Matte Liquid Lipsticks in "I Rule" and "I Create." I was sent these courtesy of Influenster and I can't get enough of these two shades. I Rule is the perfect dark nude that doesn't wash my pale skin out. I Create is my comfort zone shade, a beautiful rosy mauve. Both apply like a stain and last for hours. I just add a lip balm on top for moisture and the combination is perfect for Winter. 

My hair stylist (whom I adore and consider a friend) brightened up my balayage and I just love the outcome. She understands what I want - low maintenance, shiny, and natural looking color.

Things I loved in January: 
I started following this funny animal account on Twitter.
Began planning our road trip to Wyoming in the Summer.
Got together with my blogging bestie for her birthday.
I wore these white slingbacks almost daily. 

Things I didn't love in January:
Nettie got surgery on her left hind leg. She's fine but the whole process is exhausting.
I didn't want to get dressed this month. My daily look consisted of denim and a pullover sweater or cardigan.
All kinds of crazy clickbait, whether it was a blogger's post that had nothing to do with the title, or headlines that were inaccurate.

So tell me, what would your January edit look like? Any major highs or lows?


  1. Ooh, I'm excited for this new post series! Your hair stylist is obviously good at what she does because your hair looks amazing! It's always gorgeous and shiny. And yeah...I hear you on the struggle for getting dressed in this weather! That's why I haven't been taking regular outfit selfies. I also hear you on the clickbait. SO frustrating when a post/new article doesn't deliver! Thank you again for coming out for my birthday! Can't wait to see you again in February!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  2. Why is January (and February for me too) such a hard month to feel inspired by clothes. I've been all about denim and leggings too! Love your new hair!

  3. your hair looks amazing! loving the tone so much.
    January is the longest month of the year, it has like 75 days! We sat below -20C almost every day of it too. I generally love dressing up even in teh dead of the winter but this Jan was just hard.

  4. Totally just wasted a half hour looking at the twitter account, but it was so good, and hard to stop scrolling!
    Chic on the Cheap


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