My favorite part of transitioning from Winter into Spring clothing is being able to pull out my warm weather accessories. Making the switch isn't always easy, especially during the in-between - one day it's raining and cold, the next it's sunny and warm. Shoes, handbags, and jewelry is a great way to incorporate a new season when the weather's not entirely ready to make up its mind! I always start with accessories. 

Below are my absolute must-haves for Spring. 

1. White Slingback Flats
They add instant polish to any outfit

2. Wedge Espadrilles
Flattering and easy to walk in

3.  Heeled Sandals
Everyone needs a pair of these minimalist shoes. So chic!

4. Simple Sandals 
I liked these Steve Maddens so much last year that I bought another pair this year in camel

5. Pastel Pouch
This is a unique bag, which is why I enjoy carrying it! I use mine as I would a clutch

6.  Straw Bag
Love it or hate it, the straw bag is still going strong. It goes without saying I still love mine

I've had most of these items since last Spring, so I'm happy that many of the same trends are still relevant now.  Shop my picks below.

What are your favorite Spring shoes and bags?


  1. Love seeing your Spring favorites all in one place like this. I agree with you about the minimal sandals -they are so useful! I will be dusting mine off soon. And yes- the straw bag trend is defying the odds of longevity! Ha! They are really cute though!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  2. You have such cute favorites, I am obsessed with my wedges espadrilles right now.



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