When you think of Spring fashion, what comes to mind? I think for most of us Spring inevitably means florals, lighter neutrals, pastels, and open toe shoes. But what about a denim jacket? There's definitely room in every closet for this great Spring staple, and you'll likely reach for it more often than not as a lightweight layer.

This denim jacket is a recent purchase from Old Navy. They currently have a few different styles and washes, but the boyfriend or relaxed fit worked best on me. My favorite way to wear it is over little dresses and skirts, but you can style one with practically anything:

Throw one over shorts and a slim tee for a casual weekend look.
Layer one over a smart black jumpsuit and a pair of wedges.
Tied around your waist over a tunic and leggings or joggers for running errands.
Mixed with other shades of denim, especially white, black, and olive.
Over maxi dresses, mini dresses, floral dresses, white dresses, any dress!

Have I convinced you? That's a rhetorical question. 

I hope everyone is having a great start to April! Nate and I are heading to Palm Springs this weekend...I'm so excited! I want lazy pool time, margaritas, and beautiful desert sunsets. I'll be back next week with some fun posts.

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  1. This look is so pretty, I love these espadrilles.


    1. Thank you Rachelle! I love the ones you have in black!

  2. I love the look of a denim jacket and it's so versatile and easy to style but unfortunately I hate how polluting denim is so I'm gonna to pass on it but maybe one day they'll find a way to make denim more eco-friendly and then I'll definitely get one.

    Marta - www.aroundcolours.com

    1. That’s great Marta! Have you tried eco friendly denim brands like everlane? I’ve heard wonderful things about them in particular, they recycle everything even scraps. I know sustainable clothing is on a lot of minds. I need to educate myself more in this department!

  3. What a great spring look! I don't recall seeing you in a denim jacket before? I know you said this is a recent purchase but I can't remember if you've ever worn a different one? Anyway, this one looks great on you and I agree, it's a great staple for Spring. Have fun in Palm Springs this weekend!

    1. Yes, I used to have one from LOFT but it no longer fit anymore so I donated it. I couldn’t find one I liked last year so I passed but this relaxed one from old navy is perfect! Hopefully I can wear it for a couple years at least ;)

  4. A denim jacket is definitely a spring staple for me! It's a great layering piece and goes with everything!



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