I'm so excited because in exactly two days, we are off on the longest Summer road trip we have ever taken. It's been months in the making and now it's finally here!

For those of you who might have missed it, myself, Nate, Nettie, and a couple of our dearest friends and their family are all hitting the road and going to Utah, Wyoming, and ending in Las Vegas Nevada. Nate and I did a similar trip a couple years ago when we ventured out to Zion and the Grand Canyon, but this time will be much different. For one, we won't just be flying by the seat of our pants and camping out in the woods alone, sleeping in our jeep (yup, we did that). This time we booked four different campgrounds to stay in. Also, we'll be traveling and sleeping in an RV which is much more pleasant than a small jeep!

I can't wait to make new memories and see more of America. Experiencing it with friends is an added bonus, and something I'm sure we'll reminisce over for years to come.

Packing for a 10 (yes 10) day road trip seems daunting, and actually it has been. But since we are mostly planning on swimming, doing some light hiking, and sight-seeing along each stop on our path, I decided to keep it as simple as possible. I really don't have the room to over-pack! I'm bringing:

a handful of casual tees and tank tops
3 pairs of shorts
1 pair of jeans
2 pairs of leggings
1 jacket, 1 sweatshirt
2 bathing suits
3 casual dresses
2 kimonos that can double as bathing suit coverups
1 pair of sneakers, 1 pair of sandals, 1 pair of espadrilles

I figure if I need to wash anything, I can do so by hand and hang the item to dry. I love clothes, but when it comes to camping, I have a tomboy side...or really, just a zero F's given side. You have to just go with it!

I'm taking very minimal products with me that can perform double duty. For example, the cream shadow sticks from Glo can also double as eyeliner. The bronzer and highlight palette can work as eyeshadows and blush. It's all about effortless beauty when you're on a road trip. In fact, I'm sure some days I won't wear anything besides sunscreen and a little concealer. 

I definitely plan on writing about my experience once we get home. In the meantime, I'll be back with my monthly edit next week!

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  1. This is the perfect packing list, have so much fun on your roadtrip.


  2. Good job on your packing plan! I swear I'd travel more if I didn't have to pack for it! Ha! I also bought that Milani bronzer set after you posted about it! It's really nice and pigmented! Thanks for sharing that! :)

  3. I try to pair down all my thing when I go on vacation too (most of the time). I think your list is great! I hope you have a wonderful time !

  4. Have the best time! I absolutely love Utah. I did a road trip through all 5 of their national parks 2 years ago.


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