The thing I love wearing most during the Summer are little lightweight dresses in various colors, silhouettes, and prints. They are just so easy to throw on and go, seemingly appropriate no matter the occasion. They're also just really feminine and pretty.

I ordered this red ruffly number while I was on the road in Utah, and it was waiting on my doorstep upon our return. It's unfortunately already sold out so I can't link it, but I've had some great luck with the boutique I bought it from and you should definitely check them out for similar dresses. The store originates in northern California so a lot of their pieces have that breezy bohemian feel. By the way, I'm not being sponsored by them! I found them on social media and immediately loved their selection of fun clothes, especially with hot Summer nights in mind. I try not to miss an opportunity to dress up a little.

 Considering it's almost August, we are officially in the thick of Summer, although our weather in SoCal sounds downright mild in comparison to what some of you may be experiencing back east! Nate and I leave for Ohio on Saturday, so I'll be joining in on the humid, sticky heat soon. It'll be a quick 5 day visit, but just enough time to enjoy family in another part of the country. I hope your Summer is going just as well! Honestly, mine has been incredible so far. More thoughts on it in my next post...

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  1. oh l love that little dress, I've been wanting a cute strapless dress but haven't found one yet.


  2. Oh this dress is just so cute! And I agree, our summer has been pretty mild so far though this week has been a bit more humid than I prefer. Still, I'm soaking it up! Hope you have a great time on your trip!

  3. I tend to order things while traveling too! It's fun to get home and have something in the mail to open already! It's darling on you!

  4. Love your dress! Its beautiful on you. Have fun in OH! My husband's family is from Akron but I still yet to visit someday because my inlaws live in Seattle. Happy to know your Summer has been incredible:) xoxo- Erika


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