It's finally beginning to feel ever so slightly like Fall around here, although it's supposed to be over 80 today! We go back and forth a lot, but even if the weather isn't cooperative, I'm slowly putting away my Summer accessories and shoes in favor of more seasonally appropriate options just to get myself in the mood. My friend pointed out that just because California doesn't experience four seasons doesn't mean you can't create your own version of them. All the more reason to actually. And she's totally right.

I like a very casual bohemian style in Summer, but come Fall, I'm all about classic pieces. Think dark denim, chic flats, long cardigans, cable knit sweaters, and plenty of texture. I have most of these basics in my wardrobe already, but there are a few things I'd like to buy not only for Fall at home but also before I head to New York City in just a couple weeks. It's fast approaching and I really need to get on top of it! usually I have more time to prepare for a trip since Nate and I aren't exactly world travelers, but I can't express enough how excited I am to just go without overthinking it.

These are the things on my current wish list. I'm unsure if they'll all work for me, but I'm going shopping next week to try some on in person. I'll report back after my trip so I can explain in detail everything I packed and wore.

// Long sleeve dress // Cognac ankle boots // Leopard t-shirt // Black jeans // Satin midi // Slip-on sneakers

Thankfully, my shopping list is fairly small because as I said before, I already own some great essentials. I do worry about getting cold in New York so I plan on bringing some layering pieces like a scarf and some tights. I know layering is the key! Our trip is less then a week long so rotating between 7 or 8 pieces total will be easy. It's all about comfort, practicality, and obviously feeling as put-together as I can because it's NYC after all.

The items (or similar) below are all coming with me, and they're all perfect basics that I think you will love for Fall and beyond. I've worn them all in various posts, especially the Sezane bag that I still can't get enough of!

// Olive utility jacket // Similar Sezane bag // Blush cardigan // Spanx faux leather leggings // Gorjana necklace // Leopard mules

Have you been to New York City in the Fall? I'd still love to hear any recommendations you may have!

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  1. I'm so excited for you to go on your trip! I know you will have a great time. I haven't been to NYC in a looooong time, so I don't have any advice. But I can't wait to hear all about everything you end up doing!

  2. Love your wish list! I just got a very similar leopard skirt, and I love it so much. My Spanx leather leggings are such a staple this time of year. Have so much fun on your trip!!!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style


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