"I don't have any sweeping changes in mind for 2020. I'm just not giving into the pressure. Every January we are inundated with articles and ads about losing weight and getting fit, creating positive habits in our daily routines, drinking more water, setting new goals. Realistically, we should be doing these things year-round, constantly re-evaluating."

I wrote that last week, and I meant every word. However...

After doing some much needed blog evaluation, I've decided I'm committing myself to writing more about a few topics I really care about again. I used to sprinkle them in more frequently, but I inadvertently took a step back. I want to keep this space fun and lighthearted, but there's no reason I can't get (a little) more personal to break up my usual style and beauty content. We are multi-dimensional, complicated, interesting people and I want to reflect that here.

I also want to re-share or update some of my older, more personal posts that are still relevant to how I'm feeling today. One of the things that sometimes frustrates me as a blogger is how posts can get lost in the shuffle. We take the time to write and publish them, then quickly move on to the next. That's perfectly okay, even necessary most of the time, but some might require a second look.

The posts below were published in 2018 and 2017, and I feel like they make sense to post again as we keep going forward into the new year.

Finding My Balance With Social Media:
As I mentioned in my May updates, I took a couple weeks off from social media in an effort to disconnect from all the noise. I never realized how consumed I had truly become. I took time off from Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook (although I rarely check in there anyway). At first it was difficult. I felt completely out of the loop, not just with other bloggers but even with my own friends. In some ways, I almost felt I was being rude if I didn't invest my time to check in with people. But after the first couple of days, I started to feel better about the disconnect. I texted my friends instead of liking their pictures, I became more present in my daily rituals, and I used the time I spent mindlessly scrolling to work on other things I had been putting off. It was absolutely a great way to put things into perspective. I needed to find my balance.

It's not just social media either, it's technology in general. I never feel like I can completely disconnect and as someone who used to really value privacy, this lead to a ridiculous amount of worry about not returning a text quickly enough, or not immediately checking an email. It morphed into a vicious cycle.

This is of course the reality we live in now. I just think it's important to take little breaks from all the noise. Instead of scrolling through Instagram, I'm using that time to write. Not just for this blog, but also for my own clarity. I've never been good at articulating my thoughts, but writing them down is a way for me to release everything. I highly recommend it to everyone, especially before bedtime so that your mind is clear at the end of the day.

I'm not saying that I can cut out social media altogether, nor do I think other people should either. It's a great tool, and I love connecting with people. But. there should be some balance for those of us who feel negatively affected by its overuse.  Posting a little less frequently seems to be working for me at the moment, and I'm using my time more wisely. I hope you guys have found your balance as well.

The Power Of Habit:
I've always been a creature of habit. As a kid, I ate the same breakfast every morning before school. I'll listen to the same songs over and over in the car until my passenger gives me the side eye. I'll want to go to the same restaurants to eat. Heck, I even like taking vacations to the same destinations.

There's nothing wrong with being a creature of habit. I think most habits are convenient for people, and they make sense for that person's lifestyle. But I do think that there's a huge difference between good habits that keep me on the right track and bad habits that just keep me stuck. I go with what feels comfortable for me, and I realized this Summer that I wasn't allowing myself the risk/reward that comes with trying new things and possibly creating new and better habits for myself.

One example is in exercise. I hit a wall and wasn't working out at all. I was beginning to not only see the result of that on the outside, but I was feeling sluggish and knew that my insides couldn't be much healthier. I had coffee with a friend about a month and a half ago, and she suggested that I try yoga. I was nervous about taking it, but I signed up that very same day and didn't think twice. Until of course the time came to actually go to the class, and then I had a little mental breakdown. I texted Gina and Caryl, and they were the push I needed to just go! So I went, and you know what? I actually like yoga. It's all about being in tune not only with your body, but with your mind and that's something I have desperately needed for ages. So while I'm not quite doing handstands and only last week could do downward dog without tumbling to my butt, I feel like I've created a new positive habit that really didn't require too much scary change. And I've been feeling good again.

I should mention that I read The Power of Habit, and that was the catalyst for some new habits. I highly recommend it, although it is rather slow and reads like a textbook at times. Another habit I've created for myself is taking a few minutes each morning to mentally prepare for the day. You know, like a little pep talk. I create a mental checklist of my goals for the day, and tell myself some positive affirmations to keep me calm and grounded. I never used to do this, at least not regularly. I would just hop right out of bed, get into my car, and immediately join the rat race better known as life. It felt like a race, and now I can see why I was always so frazzled.

Small changes can lead to big changes, and that's the one takeaway I hope you'll remember. You don't have to give in to the pressures of drastically changing something, you can start with baby steps and still feel like you're heading in the right direction. So much of our daily lives is born out of habit and routine. The tiniest shift can make a huge impact. Don't set yourself up for failure by taking on too much at once.

If there are any topics you'd like to discuss, please feel free to let me know! I'll still mostly stick to the fun and frivolous, but I'm open to writing about a whole host of other things too. You can expect to see these once a month.

Happy Wednesday!


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  2. It's totally okay to re-direct and re-evaluate our lives and blogs as needed! I'm glad you're feeling like you're ready to share more on mental health and personal topics again since I think you really shine in that area and it truly shows what a gifted writer you are! I enjoyed the flashback posts, too!

  3. I agree with don't give in to any of these new year pressure, it's so dumb. Do you and do your best. New habits are so hard but it's about showing up even when you don't feel like it. I'm sure Gina and Caryl were very encouraging.

  4. I love this post! I agree on the social media thing - I wrote a blog post on that topic earlier this year. This winter I actually find myself going full days and never even thinking to get on Instagram - and I love it!


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