"Own The Day"

I'm thrilled that so many of you have enjoyed my monthly edit posts, so I will definitely keep bringing them to you at the end of each month! They're probably my favorite to put together, and I've actually learned a lot about myself in the last year by documenting the things I do, places I go, and even the more mundane aspects of my life. Even if you don't blog, I seriously recommend writing a few things down each month that stood out for you -  it's a great way to put things into perspective, reflect on any areas where you need improvement, or to simply take note of things you are currently grateful for.

I keep hearing people say that January has felt like a lifetime and I sort of agree. After the buzz of the holidays wears off, January can feel like one big hangover. But it's also nice to get back to reality and into a more positive mindset. I was fairly productive this month, and I didn't even put any pressure on myself. I'll take that as a win! Now let me see what else January had in store:

I didn't go on any cleanses or special diet, and I didn't do dry January (although I commend those who did). Instead, Nate and I went to one of our absolute favorite places to eat dinner. I met my friend Gina there before the holidays, and I wanted to go back so badly that we stopped in earlier in the month after the beach.
The nut-crusted baked brie is to die for

I got my balayage freshened up. I always like to start a new year with a solid trip to the salon. I'm going back in a couple days to get a healthy trim as well. My hair gets so heavy that I need some longer layers.

I bought a few things from the Anthropologie sale, including my new day planner that I'm loving! It's a great medium size, and I believe it was under $12.00 after the sale. And really, I need to see those three small words - no, not "I love you" but "own the day" - every damn day.

Other Things of Note:

1. I'm turning the awkward loft space we have in our home into a little office. I bought a small desk and am working on getting a couple pieces to complete the room. I usually blog, write, read, and listen to music in our bedroom but I want a space that's more practical for getting things done. It's hard to do that on the bed or floor of our room! It's also just terrible for my posture. I've also been wanting to take more daily outfit and product photos and the loft has the best lighting in the house. I can't wait until it comes together.

2. Nate secured an office/shop space for his business, and I could not be happier for him! To see his dream become a reality has been inspiring to say the least.

3. Unfortunately, Nettie hasn't had such a fun time. She's been dehydrated and sickly for the past few days, but thankfully she's on medication and is starting to resemble her fun-loving self slowly but surely. We still don't know what the trouble was, but the vet said probably something she ate that didn't sit well.

4. My beautiful lash extensions are no more. Well, mostly. I'm letting them grow and fall out and I have a couple stragglers leftover that makes me look a bit crazed but we're going with it. I bought a new tube of mascara for the first time since August and let me tell you...I'm not impressed.

5. We received a generous gift from my in-laws for Christmas, an air fryer. I must admit, I had no clue what an air fryer was, but now I'm singing its praises. I haven't used our regular oven once this year! It's amazing just how useful it is, and I've been pinning different recipes to try. Let me know if you have one too!

How did January treat you? Please share in the comments, and have a happy weekend!


  1. I love these type of post as well, I've heard a lot about the airfryer but don't have one. The way I cook I doubt it would work for me but I'm happy you are enjoying it.

    1. Thank you Rachelle, the one we have is also a toaster and convectional oven as well so it's not just for frying. I've been making vegetables and baked chicken in there too! But I don't think all air fryers are the same.

  2. Loved this fun update!! And I would know that brie on sight even if you didn't tell us where you went! Ha! It's so good! Glad you were able to have another date there with Nate. And your new loft/office space sounds exciting, as does Nate's new shop/office!

    1. Thanks Gina! It's probably in my top 5 favorite places to eat! The fact that it's so beautiful is an added bonus :)

  3. My husband keeps wanting to get an air fryer and I don't want another gadget in the kitchen, but now you are making me rethink that! Your hair color is so pretty!

    1. I don't have any gadgets aside from this one, but it definitely makes me want to cook more often! And thank you Laura, I'm happy the color is easy to maintain :)


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