I've been thinking a lot about blogging, social media, consumerism, and self-worth in the age of a global pandemic. I hesitate in writing this, but I think I just need to get it out of my system so please bear with me.

I've been blogging for over a decade now, and I've mostly enjoyed every aspect of it. It has provided me with confidence, formed some wonderful friendships, and has pushed me to pull myself together during periods in my life of great anxiety, uncertainty, and depression. It's enhanced my life in ways I never imagined. There was something really special about it. But as the game of blogging and what that really entails has changed, so has my attitude towards much of it.

Social Media
First, there's the social media aspect. Don't get me wrong, there are wonderful connections in our lives because of it. There are genuine benefits that come along with using it, especially if you're a small business and want to get your name out there. I post, interact, and scroll through my feed as happily as anyone else does. But I also feel deeply that it's contributed to mental health problems, and that's really hard to scroll past. How can you ignore it? Sometimes it just seems like a constant barrage of photoshopping, mass consumption, oversharing otherwise private moments, inflated egos, narcissism, the glorification of eating disorders and unhealthy habits...the list goes on. I'm not trying to judge or pearl-clutch, I'm just concerned about the effects it can lead to especially for kids and teens. Obviously I don't have any answers. That's the frustrating part.

I also contribute to it. I filter my photos, not heavily, but I do it. I use affiliate links to make a small commission. I belong to a platform that helps people shop for clothes, beauty products, home furnishings, kitchen gadgets, cleaning products, whatever. I use it myself, and for the most part, I enjoy it. But I also feel conflicted, now more than ever. I've always tried to be careful in what I share and promote - only things that I buy (or would buy in the rare instance it's a sponsored post) and use myself. When I see other people being careless with their platforms, I think it shows and it makes it harder for people to trust bloggers and influencers. I hate that word. I'll admit I've made mistakes in this area in the past, but I've learned from them.

I also hate that we are collectively being told everyday that we need certain things in order to lead our lives. Or that we have to improve this or that in order to do so. "This (insert product) changed my life! You need this too!" Yeah, okay.

Consumerism & Self-Worth
Instead of telling you what you absolutely, positively have to have, I just wanted to remind you that's false. that you're strong, kind, capable, loving, hilarious, and uniquely beautiful just as you are, or as you see fit. There are so many actions you are told to take every waking hour, all in the hopes of...what exactly? A better life, a happier you? How about just being. How about acceptance.

You don't necessarily:

 need an expensive eye cream, although I did just pay an exorbitant amount for one.

have to try a crazy new workout routine or cleanse, unless it's recommended by your doctor of course.

 need 20 products to prevent the inevitable signs of aging; we are blessed if we live a long life.

have to buy the dress I'm wearing on my blog. I mean I don't mind if you do, but I want to show you that style isn't related to a specific item I feature.

need to pretend you're happy all the time, or crazy witty, or that you've got all your shit together. Everyone's winging it.

Don't need to create inspirational content on Instagram in order to inspire others with a photo of a place you visited, or a memory you created with a friend. Why not post "just because?'

Or, if you do want to try these things or set new goals or whatever else you want to accomplish than do that! But do it on your own terms, without pressure or worry.  When I feature products I've purchased, when I recap my beauty routines, or when I post links to my clothes, I hope you understand that I truly don't expect you to buy them. A lot of bloggers I admire, respect, and read regularly have made a living doing this and I hope that if they read this, that they don't misunderstand me. I'm not pointing fingers or saying that selling items to their readers is bad. I have purchased many things over the years through their links, most of which I never would have found on my own. I love being able to do that, as well as having the choice in supporting them! I just know that none of us really needs anything - aside from the people we love, the air that we breathe, and knowing that we are each more than enough.


  1. Always love your honestly Noelle and I feel the exact same. I've always wanted to use social media and the blog to be helpful not to make anyone feel less than or not enough. We are all enough as is.


    1. Thank you Rachelle, I know we've briefly talked about this with friends and it's just something that's really hitting home right now. Sometimes it just feels like we are all being made to feel like we need to "fix" ourselves with all the constant ads everywhere we turn. It's exhausting. I know it's contradictory because we love beauty products and getting dressed in nice things but it should be a choice! Often it doesn't feel like a choice and that is bothersome to me.

  2. I always appreciate your honestly and authenticity. I see these sides for sure and feel there are people who misuse the space. Overall though I have found blogging to be wonderful and try to find the balance of it being my income while also aware of what I post and share.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    1. Thank you, I do think you have a nice balance and I always appreciate that as a reader :)

  3. So well spoken, this really hits home for me. I feel very conflicted about blogging and the merger of consumerism, and I am literally SO HEAVILY INFLUENCED. I did something atrocious, I bought a pair of leopard print sneakers meant to be dupes of an Adidas pair at Walmart. I don't shop at walmart, I'm against walmart and NEVER would I have seen those shoes if they hadn't popped up on my instagram three times in as many days. My current sneakers literally have holes in them, but sneakers don't interest me. Or so I thought. It is almost creepy the power these images hold over me, even when I am very much aware of their motives.

    1. Oh I am definitely guilty of this too! I love taking styling cues from other people, and sometimes the sales resistance doesn't work and I give in. That's totally okay! It's fun to experiment with different styles and brands to see what works for you. Just being more aware of our habits can lead to a change (if that's what you want of course). My shopping habits have changed a lot in the past couple years. And even before this pandemic, I was changing the way I think about shopping and the way I use social media. I love that you aren't pushy on your blog Lydia. You showcase some amazing things, and you do it in a very relatable way :)

  4. Thank you for this! You are one of the only blogs I still read. I always appreciate your writing.


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