I've shopped the Nordstrom anniversary sale every single year since college, but things have definitely changed since then! I didn't think I'd partake at all this go-around, but I'll admit that after previewing the sale, a few things did catch my interest. I always debate posting about it too, because I know all the sale talk can get tired during normal times. Throw in all of the craziness and uncertainty of this year, and it seems even more over the top to spend time talking about a sale. But after some discussion with a couple of my girlfriends, I realized that most of us could use a fun shopping trip! One of my friends isn't even a shopper but she's looking forward to this sale after a months' long spending freeze. I can't personally get to a local Nordstrom (the one I loved has sadly closed) but I can shop vicariously through others and I do plan to buy a couple things online.

My biggest tips:

Stick to a budget! I know it's hard when so many people are sharing their giant hauls on Instagram, but it's not worth it to spend more than you can afford.

 Go for more luxury items that aren't typically part of a sale. I used to buy a few essentials as part of my Fall wardrobe, and I'm still tempted to, but I don't go as crazy stocking up because so many retailers do similar items at already discounted prices. Honestly, the quality of some Nordstrom house brands are comparable to retailers like Target - which is fine! But they aren't worth obsessing over. If you have your eye on a leather jacket or a cashmere sweater, I'd go for that as opposed to yet another basic cardigan or pair of jeans that you can buy anytime, anywhere.

I also recommend looking at the beauty exclusives because that's where you'll find the best deals.

I own and love all of these beauty products! The only exception is the T3 hair brush set, which I'm planning on buying because I need a new paddle brush and wet brush anyway. If you treat yourself to one thing, I think a hair tool is absolutely worth it.

If you have any specific questions on any of these, let me know! I use them all on a daily/weekly basis.

Pillow Talk by Charlotte Tilbury is my go-to lip color. I wear it every day, especially the gloss included in the sale this year.

As for clothing, there are a lot of "blogger" items that get talked about often, but I also think they're worth the hype. Last year I bought a Barefoot Dreams cardigan and I wore it practically every day in Winter around the house. It was perfect for the height of quarantine, and since I have no Godly idea when California is going to open up again, I may do the same again this Winter. I got mine in my true size.

The Spanx leggings are also hyped up, but agree that they are great. I have had mine for two years and they fit even better now after losing some weight. I would buy them again but in petite. Size up one in them.

My favorite anniversary sale purchase ever is this gorgeous suede moto jacket. You guys have seen it so many times! It's my standard "going out" look in the Winter, especially around the holidays. Obviously it doesn't get very cold here, so I treat this jacket the way most of you treat a coat. They have this jacket every year in the sale in different colors. I really like the taupe version for this year. Go up one size in it.

I'll share what I end up buying soon, but I hope those of you shopping enjoy yourselves. I know you deserve it.


  1. your plan to shop the sale is perfect, I'm trying to be mindful of my spending so I'm getting one or two items.

  2. I've never gotten the hype over the Nordstrom sale, but if there is a piece you love at a price you've been waiting for, then why not? I'm with you on the beauty buys - I always try to wait for a sale to get some of my favorite pricier products.


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