A denim jacket for Spring is nothing new. In fact, wearing one this time of year is as groundbreaking as a floral dress. But for me, there's always been a struggle to find the right fit and wash. I already own one in a darker wash, but I still craved something lighter. I scoured the internet and looked at all of my favorite retailers until I stumbled upon one while I was buying laundry detergent and sparkling water at Target. Of course. 

I really try my hardest to avoid browsing Target's clothes. Not because I don't love their selection, but because it's so easy to waste money there! But one look at this perfectly light, sky-blue denim jacket and I knew it was going to be a Spring wardrobe staple for (hopefully) years to come. It fits true to size and looks great over dresses or with a flowy tiered skirt like I'm wearing here. Perfect for days when the sun is shining but the temperature is a little cool. So while Gen Z is still obsessed with millennials and our side parts, skinny jeans, and apparently now our denim jackets, I'm just now hitting my stride with my idea of the perfect one. 


  1. They’re after our Jean jackets now too?! Ugh! Haha oh well I’m still loving mine!! Love this outfit so much!!

    1. Hahaha, why do we even pay attention to any of it? I think it's mostly social media driven and to get these articles about Gen Z and Millennials more clicks. All click-bait. I do find it amusing but also, everyone should just wear what they want! And thank you, this outfit is so easy and a denim jacket will always be perfect for Spring!

  2. I love everything about your outfit Noelle! And the jacket is so pretty! I may just need to visit my local Target as it's been a while.


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