These beautiful gold Sezane sandals have been on my wish list for years after seeing them on so many French bloggers I follow. Sezane has become my favorite brand for luxurious shoes and handbags. I went to their store in NYC the last time I was there and Nate had to peel me away from the gorgeous racks of clothes. While they are still a bit pricey, the level of detail and quality makes them totally worth it. If you've followed me for awhile, you've seen my black abelle bag that I carry every Fall and Winter. Now I can throw these Gloria sandals into the mix! I plan on wearing them with everything I possibly can. They fit true to size and are incredibly comfortable with soft, supple leather and a low heel. 

I treated myself to them for my birthday and can't wait to wear them out! I have a fun dinner to go to in a couple weeks and plan to wear them with a navy floral dress. I'll be sure to document for you!


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