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I became drawn to classic preppy style in my 20's when I was in college and interning. It was a very busy time in my life where I wanted to look professional and be taken seriously, but I also wanted to be comfortable while I was commuting to campus. I was doing a lot of presentations and going on various interviews so my wardrobe needed to be functional. It consisted of mostly blazers, sweaters, ballet flats, and either black ponte pants or black jeans depending on the level of formality. Looking back, it was such a period of growth in my life, and it's where i started finding my true personal style. It was powerful in the sense that my new found style gave me confidence. It was liberating because getting dressed each morning wasn't such a chore any longer.

Today, I still reach for many of the same classic preppy pieces. I know I can count on them to look instantly polished with little to no effort. In fact, I've never felt the need to drastically tailor my style between work and play. I've been lucky to work in places that allowed for a more casual dress code, so no need to change much!

Wearing // Similar sweater here & here, Black jeans, Similar cap toe heels here, here & here, Exact bag in different classic colors

Most of the items here are fairly old and no longer available, but that's another bonus of wearing such timeless basics - there are so many similar pieces out there! You can't go wrong with a smart cable knit sweater in a classic shade, and I think most women have a pair of black jeans or pants in their existing wardrobe. This would be appropriate in a lot of work places, but if yours is more formal then you can switch out the jeans for ponte pants like these, or perhaps a pair of gorgeous wide-leg trousers. My favorite part of this look however are the cap toe slingbacks. They are so chic! Reminiscent of Chanel, they tie the outfit together quite nicely. If I still worked in an office, I'd wear some combination of this outfit daily. Since I don't, I'll still pull it out as often as I want!

What's your formula for instant polish, or what pieces do you like wearing to work/school?


When it comes to my Winter wardrobe, there's nothing I love wearing more than a great suede jacket. I remember seeing photos of my mom wearing a fabulous fringed camel jacket in the 1970's, and ever since then, it's basically been a goal of mine to recreate similar outfits. My mom's even more petite than I am, standing at 4 foot 9, but she looked miles taller in her suede jackets (and platforms). I'm definitely more conservative in my dressing than she was, but the one thing that always stood out to me was how beautifully tailored her jackets looked. It can be challenging to find things off the rack that are suitable for petites, but this moto jacket I bought a couple years ago remains one of my favorites for that very reason.

This moto jacket is from BlankNYC and I bought it during the Nordstrom anniversary sale. As soon as I saw the rich vibrant carmel color, I knew I wanted it to be mine. Warm copper tones are so beautiful in the colder months to mix in with other neutrals. However, I was super skeptical that the jacket would fit correctly. Usually arms are too long, shoulders too droopy, and the overall look is just "off". I sized up one and the fit was surprisingly spot on. It's a rare occurrence, so trust me when I tell you my reaction was a little bit giddy! My number one tip for fellow petites: look for jackets that hit at the top of the hips for a flattering silhouette that makes legs appear longer. For curvy petites, this also creates the illusion of a smaller waist.
Unfortunately this exact shade is sold out, but it comes in other neutrals that would look equally gorgeous on. It's a heavier weight, which makes it perfect for cold evenings and nights. Plus, it provides just the right amount of edge to any look.

Do you like moto jackets, and if so, what's your favorite way to wear one?


I don't know about you guys, but once we reach the middle of a current season, I always begin feeling a little bored with my everyday outfit choices. It doesn't matter if it's mid-Winter or mid-Summer - after awhile, options narrow and I lose all sense of creativity. In the past, I would start browsing online for more clothes to fill the void, but now I (mostly) stick to the pieces in my existing wardrobe. This is the perfect time where having a simple formula for getting dressed is so helpful. It may not be the most exciting, but if the goal is to look put-together, then having a formula is an easy solution.

Wearing // Revolve sweater (Similar options here & here), Wit & Wisdom jeans, Madewell booties (Similar here)

My everyday Winter outfit formula works well with our warmer climate, but you could easily make this appropriate for yours by adding a coat, scarf, and different boots. I can't pretend to know what a real heavy duty Winter is like because I have no experience with that! But this has truly been my go-to look for the last couple of weeks and I've been wearing some variation of a pullover sweater + ankle jeans + these fabulous cognac booties more often than not. I rotate between four or five cozy pullovers that serve as the focal point since the rest of the outfit is so basic. I've had this particular sweater since last year, but there are so many beautiful options at every price point right now. These ankle length jeans and the cut of the boots work really nicely. I don't have to worry about any bunching or riding and no need to try and tuck the jeans into the boots! I used to love that look but now the trend has steered towards straight leg or looser fitting jeans that skim the ankles. It's actually quite flattering so I'm a big fan. 

What about you, do you have an everyday outfit formula? I swear it's the way to go!


Southern California experienced a fairly cold and rainy Fall, and that weather has carried over into Winter and the new year. I seriously love it! When you live in a warmer climate like I do, you relish any chance you get to wear something different than you're normally able to. I've been reaching for this trench coat pretty regularly, especially on days where it rains off and on. I bought it specifically for our trip to the east coast, but it has served me well ever since. Paired with classic ballet flats, the look is functional yet chic.

You just can't go wrong with a tailored trench coat. I think most people wear them in Spring, but they can work year-round depending on where you live. It really is one of the most polished pieces you will ever own. I used to have one in a more classic style and in a traditional khaki color, but I sadly had to part ways when it no longer fit. Back in early Fall, I set out on a mission to find a decent replacement. I try to shop for petite outerwear when I can, and luckily Express came through. They have a more limited petite section than some stores do, but they also have some great staples that are extremely versatile. Although this isn't the color I had in mind, I'm really happy with it. The large zippered pockets keep my hands warm, and the length of the sleeves are perfect. I love wearing this coat with jeans, but I've also worn it over my black faux leather leggings and it definitely elevated the overall look. It would be gorgeous over a dress for a more formal occasion. The styling options are endless.

I'm really drawn to classic pieces in would you describe your Winter style?


It has been raining off and on for the past week, and I'm really glad I managed to get a few photos in between the wet weather. But before I go into my outfit, did you have a great Thanksgiving and did you shop any of the crazy sales? We got a new large rug for our living room, as well as a television stand that I'm hoping we love. Shopping for furniture online can be difficult, so fingers crossed that it adds a little more appeal to our downstairs. Aside from those purchases, I also got a few gifts for family and I'm quite proud of myself for being more prepared this year! I'm usually one to procrastinate!

I didn't do much shopping for myself, although there are some things on my wishlist that were hard to pass up...but I did. I'm really trying my best to maximize my current Fall and Winter wardrobe and I'm discovering that classic neutral layers are the way to go.

Wearing // Similar moto jacket here & here, Target hooded sweater, Wit & Wisdom jeans, Similar white flats, Sezane bag

I wore this exact outfit (minus the flats and bag) while in New York and I decided to recreate it for a chilly day in Temecula. Will this look, or maybe a slight variation of it, ever go out of style? I don't think so! A crisp pair of jeans, a striped cozy knit, and a camel colored jacket will always be in. Some may argue that the white shoes can look dated, but I'd point out that a streamlined ballet flat in any color or print looks simple and chic. I got so much inspiration when I was walking around the city, and I've made notes on everything I want to try and emulate here. Obviously I can't go all out because our climates are vastly different, but I can put a little twist on certain outfits to make them Cali-appropriate. The one thing I really noticed was the rich but neutral color palette so many women were wearing. I love color, but this Fall I'm gravitating towards neutrals. Especially camel! It's such a warm shade that instantly puts me into a cozy mood and it looks great paired with navy and black. If you don't have anything camel colored in your wardrobe, I recommend adding some this season. 

So back to my original question, How was your Thanksgiving? I ate more pie than I should have!


Thanksgiving is just a few short days away and before I stuff myself full of turkey and mashed potatoes (my absolute favorite) I wanted to share a post in case you're still trying to figure out what to wear. I always spend Thanksgiving at my in-laws house and for the past couple of years, we celebrate on Sunday. I'm not sure what Nate and I will be doing on the actual holiday, but whatever we do, just trust that it will involve plenty of delicious food! That inevitably means that my outfit will be put together yes, but comfort is the goal.

Whether your Thanksgiving gathering is casual like mine, or whether you and your family have a dressier occasion, I compiled 5 different looks that are sure to get you holiday ready.

1. Denim and long cardigan: I know we still have a month left of Fall, but for me, Fall culminates on Thanksgiving. A gorgeous burnt orange duster cardigan is sure to make a statement at the dinner table! This one is incredibly soft, roomy, and the perfect topper to your favorite lived-in jeans. Put on some printed mules that feel as comfortable as house slippers and you're set for lounging on the couch after the holiday feast.

2. Cozy wrap: This denim outfit is a bit more dressed up, but it's still very comfortable. Just make sure your jeans have some stretch! This wrap is my favorite purchase from Fall, and it's currently on sale. I wear it weekly! Wear it belted upon arriving to your destination, and maybe untie it once the eating begins! This look is so universal, especially if you and your family decide to dine out. It's polished without feeling fussy and really, isn't that the point?

3. Fit and flare dress with a loose knit cardigan: If you're in the mood to wear a dress, I suggest a fit and flare style. It hugs your curves on top and then gently flows away from your lower half which I always find flattering. Cozy up with a chunky knit cardigan and you have a very pretty outfit that also looks effortless.

4. Moto jacket and LBD: a little black dress will always be in style, and if you're attending or hosting a more dressed up Thanksgiving, this look will fit right in. I know a bodycon dress is usually a no-no when lots of food will be consumed, but this dress has so much stretch and is so forgiving that it isn't an issue! The cranberry jacket ties it all together for a fun, sophisticated look that can also take you from day to night.

5. Leggings and tunic: Let's cut to the chase - we all really want to be in sweatpants or athleisure on a day like Thanksgiving, right? However, I personally don't feel comfortable showing up to someone's home looking like I rolled out of bed. The next best thing is obviously a great pair of leggings! These faux leather leggings are my go-to. They even come in petite now too, so I'm thinking of getting a pair because these are a bit too long as you can see. I have to hike them up pretty high! Still, I love them and think they look great with a tunic or long cardigan. In fact, I'm probably going to wear these with my orange duster cardigan I shared in the first look.

I really hope these suggestions are helpful! I'm sure most of these items can already be found in your closet as they're fairly common staples.

If you need more ideas, I've teamed up with my girlfriends from On The Daily Express and Pink Sole. They are also sharing some last minute Thanksgiving outfits, so please stop by their blogs next for even more inspiration.

I'll be back on Wednesday for my monthly edit. See you then!


Happy Wednesday friends! If you haven't read part one from my Monday style post, you may want to quickly head over and catch up because it's connected to what I'm wearing today. To recap some of those thoughts/tips: petites can definitely wear a long cardigan! There are just a couple simple styling tricks I find helpful for a flattering, elongating look. 1) Stick to loose, drapey knits that skim the body. 2) Also, wearing more slim fitting items underneath the longer layer will help create a streamlined, leg-lengthening appearance.

I love wearing cardigans over dresses, so I decided to see if the proportions would still work with a breezy mini dress. This dress is one of my favorites from Summer, and I wanted to bring it into the Fall season with just a few small changes. I swapped sandals for suede ankle boots, and then added this gorgeous orange duster. I guess it's more bohemian than I usually dress this time of year, but I was surprised at how effortless it felt. I'm all for ease!

I think the length of the dress pairs well and even compliments the length of the duster. Showing a little leg ensures you don't disappear in all the flowing fabric. I liked the effect so much that I plan on trying it with a Leith bodycon dress next. 

Do you ladies enjoy this type of styling post? I know not all of you are petite so I sometimes refrain from posting specifically for petites, but some things can be fairly universal. These days I repeat and rewear everything! Even when I don't mention it on here, I hope you'll notice that I have well-loved and well-worn items. I'd love to create more of these posts if they're helpful. 

How would you style this cardigan? Which outfit do you like more, part 1 or 2? Linking up with On The Daily Express and Straight A Style.


Long duster cardigans have been trendy for a few seasons, but I wasn't really certain if the length would work on my petite frame (and when I say petite, I mean that only in height as I'm 5'2). I've admired the look on other, mostly taller women, which made me curious. When I saw this beautiful burnt orange duster at Target, I decided to give it a try. The color sold me but the question remained; Can long layers work for petites?

The short answer is yes! Petites absolutely can participate in the trend and actually look really great. I think there are just a few key styling tips to keep in mind, 

1. The fabric and construction of the garment really matters. For example, knits have a flattering drape to them and will flow beautifully as you walk and move. They skim the body nicely without adding extra bulk. A more structured long coat in a heavier fabric is trickier to pull off which is why I prefer those to be shorter in length. 

2. Make sure that whatever you wear underneath the duster is more slim fitting. like a crisp pair of skinny jeans or a dress that still shows off some of your curves. This way you won't feel like you're swimming in it. 

3. Choose your shoes wisely. I almost wore this outfit with my favorite heeled sandals, but I opted for flat mules instead and I actually like the look. Just make sure that your shoes are fairly sleek. 

Long duster cardigans aren't everyone's cup of tea, but I've surprised myself with just how often I've been reaching for one in these weird transitional weather days. It's fun playing with proportions and seeing what works versus what doesn't. I always thought that long layers were meant for tall women, but I'm finding that short ladies like myself can have fun with length too!  

Would you wear this duster? I'll show you one more way to wear it on Wednesday so I hope you'll stop by!


As October moves along, I'm (finally) beginning to embrace Fall dressing. I've come to the strange conclusion that my reluctance towards cooler weather really comes down to the fact that I just feel more attractive in the Summer. I hate admitting that because it sounds so vain but if I'm being honest, breezy colorful dresses, air-dried hair, and sun kissed skin makes me feel happiest and just more...well, me. 

That doesn't mean that I can't enjoy Fall fashion though because there's definitely a lot to love. During a cool spell last week, I pulled out some closet essentials I'd been saving, along with a brand new t-shirt I ordered during the most recent Shopbop sale. 

This belted camel wrap is unfortunately sold out. It's such a shame because it's the perfect transitional piece to throw on over basic tanks and t-shirts. I wore it open and closed, and I really can't decide which way I prefer. Both options are great! I live in floral kimonos during the Summer, and this knit wrap is similar while still providing a layer of warmth. Plus camel is so chic, isn't it? Pair any pair of jeans with a camel sweater or coat and you instantly look polished.

Speaking of jeans, I'm realizing that this is my first post wearing pants since June 17th! I've worn them a few times off the blog, but that just falls in line with my whole Summer of dresses thing. These crisp, dark wash skinny jeans are a new favorite even though I bought them months ago. They are the curvy skinny jeans from Loft's petite line, and they are true to size. They lay flat against my tummy, are roomy in the hips and thighs, and have the right amount of stretch. I highly recommend them if you're looking for an affordable, comfortable pair of classic skinnies.

Now, I can't really justify the leopard print tee even though I love the fit, fabric, and design. Rails is one of my favorite brands for luxuriously soft shirts, but the prices are honestly kind of outrageous and I'm actually embarrassed I paid as much as I did on this t-shirt. (Macklemore's thrift shop song comes to mind). However, it was on sale and I've already worn it a couple times. Quality over quantity wins again.

Some variation of this outfit is bound to become my Fall uniform. What will be yours?

Linking up with my friends at On The Daily Express and Straight A Style.


Nate and I celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary on September 21st, and we kept it pretty low-key. I wasn't sure what the plans were because it wasn't my year to plan...we rotate! One year I'm in charge of what we do to celebrate, the next year Nate does. It was still pretty warm out so I went with my favorite Ann Taylor dress (last seen here) and added a floral kimono to bring in an extra layer since nights are getting much cooler now. I can't stress enough how much I love re-wearing things but switching up the styling to make it feel more current. I typically wear kimonos with a tank or t-shirt and jeans, but they also look great over dresses.

Aside from cardigans, I think kimonos are great transition pieces for Fall. Most people associate them with Summer, but if you live in a warmer climate they are perfect for those in-between days.

So after dinner, Nate actually surprised me with a gift - not something we do - with two plane tickets to visit New York City next month! If you've followed me from the beginning, then you know we went to NYC in 2010 after my college graduation. It was a very short trip though, we were only there for 3 days total, so going back now for almost an entire week is such a treat and one that nearly brought me to tears. 
We have friends across the bridge in New Jersey that we will be staying with, and I'm so excited to see them too! I honestly have so much outfit planning to do right?! But more on that later. and please feel free to give me any tips or recommendations in the meantime! 

How was your weekend? Linking up with Pink Sole today.