Thanksgiving is just a few short days away and before I stuff myself full of turkey and mashed potatoes (my absolute favorite) I wanted to share a post in case you're still trying to figure out what to wear. I always spend Thanksgiving at my in-laws house and for the past couple of years, we celebrate on Sunday. I'm not sure what Nate and I will be doing on the actual holiday, but whatever we do, just trust that it will involve plenty of delicious food! That inevitably means that my outfit will be put together yes, but comfort is the goal.

Whether your Thanksgiving gathering is casual like mine, or whether you and your family have a dressier occasion, I compiled 5 different looks that are sure to get you holiday ready.

1. Denim and long cardigan: I know we still have a month left of Fall, but for me, Fall culminates on Thanksgiving. A gorgeous burnt orange duster cardigan is sure to make a statement at the dinner table! This one is incredibly soft, roomy, and the perfect topper to your favorite lived-in jeans. Put on some printed mules that feel as comfortable as house slippers and you're set for lounging on the couch after the holiday feast.

2. Cozy wrap: This denim outfit is a bit more dressed up, but it's still very comfortable. Just make sure your jeans have some stretch! This wrap is my favorite purchase from Fall, and it's currently on sale. I wear it weekly! Wear it belted upon arriving to your destination, and maybe untie it once the eating begins! This look is so universal, especially if you and your family decide to dine out. It's polished without feeling fussy and really, isn't that the point?

3. Fit and flare dress with a loose knit cardigan: If you're in the mood to wear a dress, I suggest a fit and flare style. It hugs your curves on top and then gently flows away from your lower half which I always find flattering. Cozy up with a chunky knit cardigan and you have a very pretty outfit that also looks effortless.

4. Moto jacket and LBD: a little black dress will always be in style, and if you're attending or hosting a more dressed up Thanksgiving, this look will fit right in. I know a bodycon dress is usually a no-no when lots of food will be consumed, but this dress has so much stretch and is so forgiving that it isn't an issue! The cranberry jacket ties it all together for a fun, sophisticated look that can also take you from day to night.

5. Leggings and tunic: Let's cut to the chase - we all really want to be in sweatpants or athleisure on a day like Thanksgiving, right? However, I personally don't feel comfortable showing up to someone's home looking like I rolled out of bed. The next best thing is obviously a great pair of leggings! These faux leather leggings are my go-to. They even come in petite now too, so I'm thinking of getting a pair because these are a bit too long as you can see. I have to hike them up pretty high! Still, I love them and think they look great with a tunic or long cardigan. In fact, I'm probably going to wear these with my orange duster cardigan I shared in the first look.

I really hope these suggestions are helpful! I'm sure most of these items can already be found in your closet as they're fairly common staples.

If you need more ideas, I've teamed up with my girlfriends from On The Daily Express and Pink Sole. They are also sharing some last minute Thanksgiving outfits, so please stop by their blogs next for even more inspiration.

I'll be back on Wednesday for my monthly edit. See you then!


  1. these are all gorgeous outfits that I would totally wear. by the way the missoma sale started early with code vip25 ;)

  2. These outfits are gorgeous and absolutely perfect for a variety Thanksgiving events. I really LOVE the rich color of your cranberry jacket. And you know I'm a huge fan of that rust duster! Thanks for being a last-minute person with me! haha!


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