As November draws to an end, I can feel Winter looming just around the corner. It has been blustery here in California, and I mean blustery! I find myself reaching for anything warm, and have decided that if Fall has been a predictor of things to come then I need a real winter coat. Stat! My trench coats and my little quarter-sleeve jackets, perfectly acceptable in years past, are now looking more like Summer garb. I need something more substantial for freezing temps.

I'll be sad to see Fall go. I love Fall! It's the happy medium between cold and hot, at least it was until this year. Instead of doing monthly favorites, I'm going to switch things up and do seasonal favorites i.e. Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring. I think it will be far more relevant and truthful than struggling to come up with a new list each month. Sound good? Good! Here are my favorites for the Fall season:

In case anyone has wondered if I still love MUFE Mat Velvet +, the answer is a resounding yes! I have used it ever since I reviewed it, and I am about to purchase my third bottle. I don't really use anything else, maybe just my Korres tinted moisturizer on lazy days. This stuff is amazing.

Once strictly a natural kinda girl, I've changed my ways this Fall and delved right into color on my lips. The effect is pretty and glam, yet still modern and fresh. I think because nude lips have been so popular for so long, color has come back to spice things up a bit. I'm addicted.

Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette. This pic was taken when I first bought it, and now I've hit pan. I must admit I don't use the darkest color, but three out of four isn't bad for the price. This is creamy, smooth, and perfect for covering my undereye circles, as well as the blemishes I've been dealing with for the past year.

You can take away all of my other palettes, quads, and shadows but you can't take away my UD Naked Palette. I'm telling you girls, if you don't already have this please do yourselves a giant favor and go get one. They are permanent thank goodness, and even if you aren't a beauty junkie like myself, this palette is really all the makeup you need. Best beauty purchase I've ever made, and I use it every day!

Flowerbomb La Vie En Rose. The delicate balance between floral, citrus, and vanilla.

Phytocitrus Restructuring Mask. I use this deep conditioner about twice a week, and I see a difference each time. It is pricey, but I've had it for a few months now and most of the product is still left. It was a nice splurge.

Now onto some Fashion:

Cardigans are always a staple for me, pretty much any time of year but I especially wear the heck out of them come Fall. This year, I'm really into cardis with pockets and detailed buttons. They have to be super soft as well. I swear I own around 15!

Nudes, blush, cremes, soft greys, and leopard print galore! Colors I will carry with me into Winter. I couldn't be happier that animal prints are on trend, although aren't they always?

These flats are amongst my favorites (I am wearing them now actually). Flats, flats, flats. I can't get enough.

What have been your favorites this season? What trends will you carry into Winter? I need some help girls because when it comes to Winter - let's just say I'm not a fan.
♥ Noelle


Well for me, it was Cyber Friday and it will be Black Monday! You girls know I don't really like to follow the rules that closely, and so instead of battling the crowds yesterday (which I actually did for a couple hours and quickly retreated back home like a scared puppy), I ordered just a couple of things online. Beauty related of course!

I have been dying, literally almost loading up my shopping cart on the Kiehl's website but instead of placing an order, I would just click the x on the screen and forget about it. Through the 30th, use code FAMILY10 and get 20% off your order. This is what is finally coming my way:

Creme de Corps

Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado

I have wanted to try these products for months, if not years so I'm happy I decided to give in. Have you tried either of them?

Not a very exciting Black Friday, but I do plan on going shopping this Monday since I have the day off. We will see what I come home with, but gifts for friends and family are a priority. I hope you all are enjoying the weekend!


In the Spirit of Thanksgiving, I have been thinking about gratitute and what I am truly thankful for. There are so many things I could list, but for the purposes of this blog, I'll keep it rather short and concise.

 The Boyfriend. Yes, he does have a name and a nice one at that. But I like referring to him on here as "The Boyfriend." After all, he is! This was taken on a trip to Maui, a trip I'll never forget as long as I live.

My BFF. She's just a really incredible person, both inside and out. I'd be lost without her.

Dogs. Any breed(s), whether they are puppies or old timers. Fat, skinny, short, long. Love them all!

I mean, C'mon!

Clothes and pretty things in general. These aren't labels I can personally afford, but I can still appreciate the work, creativity, and craftsmanship behind some of today's most glamorous designs. I just love looking at them, even from afar.

The beach, especially at sunset. It never ceases in leaving me breathless.

 I have to end with blogging. I really am thankful for having my own little space in blogger-land, and happy to have you here.

Here's to being grateful,
♥ Noelle


When I first started this little blog, I was all about smokey eyes and nude lips. In fact, you couldn't possibly get my lips near a bright colored lipstick. "It just doesn't look right" I often said. I have naturally fuller lips. A blessing some would argue, but I used to be terribly self'conscious about them. I felt like they overwhelmed my other features so I picked out lighter, softer looking lipsticks and glosses in order to downplay them. If you have read my blog for awhile, you know I have quite a vast array of "pinky nudes." Pinky nudes are makeup's version of a squishy down comforter or an oversized sweatshirt. In a word - comfortable. Safe. I know I can slap on my pinky nudes whenever I please and I also know that it will look "right" on me.


I'm feeling an evolution Readers, and it's coming fast! This season, I have a dirty little confession to make: I'm tired of the pinky nudes and have jumped into Fall and Winter's hottest makeup trend: colorful kissers. I believe Glamour Magazine called it "Serious Lipstick."

My tiny stash of serious lipsticks. Not for the faint of heart I suppose.
Left to Right: Revlon Matte Lipstick in Strawberry Suede, Revlon Colorburst in Raspberry, and MAC Lustre lipstick in See Sheer.

See Sheer was previously seen on me here:
This lipstick is a daily product for me. It plays to my subtle lip sensibilities. It's red, but extremely sheer and wearable. I will repurchase over and over.

Raspberry by Revlon. It has color, but if dabbed on still is also very wearable. I like to layer it over See Sheer. It also makes teeth look white!

Strawberry Suede by Revlon. This one's tricky! This one's fierce. But it isn't for the faint of heart. I definitely dab this one on, blot, then apply some balm. I orginally saw this featured on Cupcakes and Cashmere, and since I love Emily, I decided to be brave and give it a try.

Don't forget my lipstain post. I think stains are perfect for those of you who aren't fully into the bright lips. I'm still getting used to it myself!

My inspirations:

All over the Spring 2011 runways, expect this trend to stick around.
So, what do you girls think? Fun, flirty, pretty? Or too much?
♥ Noelle


I got a request asking about the Anthropologie hoodie I bought and I wore it yesterday in order to take some pictures. Overall, I love it! Zip-up hoodies used to be a staple in my wardrobe while I was in high school and in college but around my last year, I realized I needed to up the ante and quit dressing so casually. However, as soon as I spotted the Fancy Clad Hoodie, I knew that this darling little ruffle sweater was anything but ordinary college daze attire.

It is incredibly soft and stretchy thanks to its mix of poly, spandex, and rayon. It is also machine washable. I may just wash it by hand in order to ensure it holds its shape. I find that rayon can be tricky to wash. I've had a few tops and dresses made of rayon shrink to the point of non-wearability. I don't want to take any chances with this one. In general, dry cleaning is best with rayon but since this is a blend, I think I'll be safe.

My only reservation then is sleeve length. The sleeves are long, but they don't come up to my wrists. No, they come just shy of being full length. But, they aren't quarter sleeved either. I guess this is just another example of being petite and not having the typical "average" sized limbs. I personally don't mind the slightly awkward length. Maybe I should care, but I don't! I can overlook things easily Readers.

The ruffle is on one side of the zipper. It comes together very nicely when zipped closed.

What I'm Wearing:
Anthropologie Fancy Clad Hoodie size M. My usual S was too snug in the arms. I would say size up.
White H&M Camisole
Express Stella Skinny Jeans (old style and wash)
Vera Wang Lavender Ballet Flats
Zara Bag *loves*

♥ Noelle


Aside from Christmas, I'm really looking forward to December 17th this year. I booked a room at Treasure Island in Las Vegas in celebration of the boyfriend's birthday. Said boyfriend is turning 29 on December 30th, but instead of battling out New Years on the strip (something we have done twice now), I decided to give him his present a little early this time. I'm so excited! We used to go to Vegas often because we had a friend that lived there. Now that friend lives down the street from us, so we don't have anymore excuses to go visit.

Of course in typical Noelle -OCD madness, I'm already planning out my clothes. I ordered a dress from Forever21.com and it has already apparently sold out because I can't find it on the site! It is a white, jacquard dress that has cap sleeves and is more of a sheath style. I think I may have to get it tailored a bit because it is large in the chest area. December can be chilly in Vegas, so I do plan on wearing little jackets during the day while we walk around.

We stayed at Treasure Island about two years ago for a friend's wedding and we fell in love with our room!

I love visiting Ceasar's Palace. The shopping! I want to splurge on something while I'm there.

Does anyone have any fun Vegas recommendations? Any must-do shopping? We will be there Friday through Sunday so I'm hoping we can get a lot in.
♥ Noelle


Vera Wang Lavender Label (Nordstrom Rack)

I know what you're thinking! But they are so sparkly and oh so eye-catching. And COMFORTABLE. I wore them wine tasting with friends yesterday and I couldn't stop staring down at my feet. They're my version of princess shoes.

Happy Sunday!


I received my Sephora Friends & Family order about two weeks ago and I have been playing around with the products I bought ever since. I thought it might be helpful to some of you if I let you know my initial impressions. I'll call these "mini" reviews. I am still testing things out and deciding if I will re-purchase certain items and keep them as staples in my beauty aresenal or if I can live without them.

First up, a total must-have in my beauty drawer: Urban Decay Primer Potion. I fell in love with this eyeshadow primer about two years ago and I have re-purchased it several times now. The one complaint many have about the product is the packaging. The little genie type tube is cute, but the wand applicator can be difficult to maneuver all the way down the tube. Enter UDPP Pro, which comes in a massive sqeeze tube and will hopefully last me eons. So far, so good! Same wonderful product that keeps my oily lids from sabotaging my shadow throughout the day. My only concern is that it will dry up before I get a chance to use every last drop. Oh, and it's limited edition for some unknown reason.

I have to rave about the next product, Lancome's ArtLiner. Let me preface this by saying that I am a mess with liquid liner. I blink and the next thing I know I look like Tammy Faye. I don't mean to be rude, but you get the picture. I remember when I was in the midst of my Lauren Conrad obsession, I tried and tried to recreate her gorgeous subtle cat-eye. I failed miserably each try. I wish I had known about ArtLiner sooner. The wand offers so much control and the liquid applies so smoothly and evenly. I have been wearing this constantly on my upper lash line and I have received many compliments on how thick my lashes look (something I have never been told before!) I know it's because of this liner.

I also ordered Bare Escentuals Buxom mascara and I am still on the fence about it. I love the plastic wand. Plastic wands are my favorite because I feel they grab my lashes a lot better than typical mascara wands. The only thing is, I still would take my Holy Grail CoverGirl LashBlast over this, and LashBlast is half the price! I do like Buxom, but I don't know if I'll be re-purchasing it once I run out. It just doesn't live up to it's name. It does thicken, but you have to apply several coats to get the full effect. Maybe once the formula dries out a bit I will appreciate it more. Have any of you tried Buxom? What are your thoughts?

The last thing I purchased from the sale is a tube of Smith's Rosebud Salve. When I was in high school, the first thing I ever bought from Sephora was Smith's Rosebud in a tin. First Sephora purchase ever! I think I just bought this again purely for nostalgia. I love that it smells like roses. I love that it's in a tube so I can carry it in my bag and whip it out whenever. But I personally don't think it's all that moisturizing and the formula is incredibly thin.

I have to include a couple of swatches of my new MAC blushes. I am in love with both colors and have them on rotation - one day I use Pink Swoon, the next My Highland Honey. They look very bright in their pans but apply a lot more sheerly. Of course, they can also be built up to intensity very easily if that's what your going for. I have lighter skin these days and I think both colors could work on lighter skin like mine as well as darker skin tones. I also like the fact that they are pretty matte and not shimmery at all.
Pink Swoon (permanent)

My Highland Honey (part of the Tartan Tale collection and LE)

I hope this was somewhat useful! If you have any questions about anything, please let me know. Happy Friday !
♥ Noelle


I was looking through my posts the other night and discovered that it's been awhile since I last featured a nail polish I love. I'm such a polish addict, how could this be?

For my friend's wedding, I decided on an old-standby: Essie's Bahama Mama. It is a beautiful creamy wine color. Nothing too incredibly unique, but this is definitely a prime example of "good Essie." Two opaque coats is all you need to achieve a beautiful crimson look. In fact, nine times out of ten Bahama Mama was on my toes last Fall and Winter. On the rare occasion I got a salon pedicure, I still was sure to bring my own bottle with me for the nail tech to apply. I have Bahama Mama to blame for my Essie obsession because it was one of the first polishes I ever purchased from the brand. I wish all of their colors could be this easy to work with!

I highly recommend this particular shade.

On another note, I was super excited and humbled when Andi of Saltwater Dreams asked me to do a guest post for her. She asked some of her fellow bloggers to write about their Holiday wish lists to be featured on her blog for the month of November while she participates in National Novel Writing Month. I love her blog as well as her writing and I wish her all the best!

♥ Noelle


That song is stuck in my head! The time changed early this morning and instead of sleeping in on this beautiful Sunday, I'm awake! This is going to be a very long day, I just know it.

No matter because I saw one of my good friends marry her long-time love last night under the oak trees at her family's ranch in the mountains. The night was a bit chilly but I had the worst case of nerves for her so I couldn't feel how frozen my hands were until the reception that followed. It was truly a gorgeous wedding and it fit the bride and groom's personalities to a T. It was small and intimate, with red roses and candles lit everywhere. The boyfriend and I had a great time and we couldn't be any happier for our friends.

My dress was black and lace (of course). I received lots of compliments on it and aside from the fact that I forgot to bring a sweater to the reception (it really was cold), I had a fun time wearing it.

What I Wore:
Black lace strapless dress: Express
Black round-toe pumps: Jessica Simpson
Earrings: Forever 21
Rings: Tiffany&Co and H&M

I love the way my hair was curled. I didn't do it myself but I am finally convinced I need to practice and practice until I can. It's not rocket science!

Now onto some pictures from the wedding!

The glowing bride and her dad ;)

The newlywed happy couple. The smile on their faces says it all!

My friend Anne and I at the reception. We wore similar dresses! Kind of a no-no

The love of MY life

I just love...love.
♥ Noelle


When I was in high school, I used to change my purse every week. Sometimes every day! I look back at some of my fashion faux pas from those angsty teen years and laugh. I can't believe some of the purses I carried. They were all teeny-tiny and of course matched my outfits perfectly, color and all. Yuck. I'm happy I got rid of all of them a couple years ago when I was sifting through my closet and realized that so much of my old wardrobe needed to go. These days, I don't really switch bags very often. Occasionally yes, especially if I feel like I'm neglecting one but generally I carry the same one. All of my bags are neutral in color and so they can all interchange and mesh effortlessly with everything I wear. If you read this little blog AT ALL, you know that one of my goals in life is to own a Chanel. Silly goal to have according to some of my male friends, but this coming from guys who are coveting toy helicopters. Hmmmmm. Right. Since I can't yet afford a Chanel, I have tried desperately to not purchase anymore hand bags. Save up for a really amazing one! I was doing so well Readers (minus the Mulberry for Target bag, which my mom has stolen from me. I let her keep it). Then I walked into Zara yesterday and spied this:

I love her. Soft AND quilted AND Charcoal? I had to.

The best part is that it's completely practical. There are pockets everywhere to hold all of my things.

I've already made the switch. My Michael Kors and H&M bags are retiring for a bit.

On another note, I also walked into Anthro yesterday and became deliriously happy with the scent of voluspa candles wafting everywhere. I recently started following Anthroholic's Blog as well as a few other girls who have inspired me to jump on the Anthro bandwagon whole-heartedly. Don't get me wrong, I've always liked Anthropologie but it was never that accessible to me. Now a bunch of new stores have cropped up around me so I have no more excuses not to go.

I walked out with two more grey pieces. Hey, grey is the IT color of the season is it not?

I got this in a Size S. I've seen tons of other bloggers in this, and I knew I had to have it. Looks great with jeans!

I know. It's a hoodie. But this looks so cute on! The ruffle down the front is adorable. Plus, I don't own a single hoodie anymore and I needed one for work. Ha, that makes me smile. The fact that I need a hoodie to wear to work is hilarious to me =)

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday! One of my good friends is getting married tomorrow and I'm so happy for her! I'll have pictures up hopefully on Sunday before I have to go to work...
♥ Noelle