As November draws to an end, I can feel Winter looming just around the corner. It has been blustery here in California, and I mean blustery! I find myself reaching for anything warm, and have decided that if Fall has been a predictor of things to come then I need a real winter coat. Stat! My trench coats and my little quarter-sleeve jackets, perfectly acceptable in years past, are now looking more like Summer garb. I need something more substantial for freezing temps.

I'll be sad to see Fall go. I love Fall! It's the happy medium between cold and hot, at least it was until this year. Instead of doing monthly favorites, I'm going to switch things up and do seasonal favorites i.e. Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring. I think it will be far more relevant and truthful than struggling to come up with a new list each month. Sound good? Good! Here are my favorites for the Fall season:

In case anyone has wondered if I still love MUFE Mat Velvet +, the answer is a resounding yes! I have used it ever since I reviewed it, and I am about to purchase my third bottle. I don't really use anything else, maybe just my Korres tinted moisturizer on lazy days. This stuff is amazing.

Once strictly a natural kinda girl, I've changed my ways this Fall and delved right into color on my lips. The effect is pretty and glam, yet still modern and fresh. I think because nude lips have been so popular for so long, color has come back to spice things up a bit. I'm addicted.

Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette. This pic was taken when I first bought it, and now I've hit pan. I must admit I don't use the darkest color, but three out of four isn't bad for the price. This is creamy, smooth, and perfect for covering my undereye circles, as well as the blemishes I've been dealing with for the past year.

You can take away all of my other palettes, quads, and shadows but you can't take away my UD Naked Palette. I'm telling you girls, if you don't already have this please do yourselves a giant favor and go get one. They are permanent thank goodness, and even if you aren't a beauty junkie like myself, this palette is really all the makeup you need. Best beauty purchase I've ever made, and I use it every day!

Flowerbomb La Vie En Rose. The delicate balance between floral, citrus, and vanilla.

Phytocitrus Restructuring Mask. I use this deep conditioner about twice a week, and I see a difference each time. It is pricey, but I've had it for a few months now and most of the product is still left. It was a nice splurge.

Now onto some Fashion:

Cardigans are always a staple for me, pretty much any time of year but I especially wear the heck out of them come Fall. This year, I'm really into cardis with pockets and detailed buttons. They have to be super soft as well. I swear I own around 15!

Nudes, blush, cremes, soft greys, and leopard print galore! Colors I will carry with me into Winter. I couldn't be happier that animal prints are on trend, although aren't they always?

These flats are amongst my favorites (I am wearing them now actually). Flats, flats, flats. I can't get enough.

What have been your favorites this season? What trends will you carry into Winter? I need some help girls because when it comes to Winter - let's just say I'm not a fan.
♥ Noelle


  1. My favorites for Fall into Winter are: scarves, flats, boy shorts(keeps me toasty underneath),long sleeve v-neck t-shirts(great for layering), Uggs, Converse, my Kindle, iPhone4, NYC 'Sunny' bronzer, Wet N Wild Ultimate Minerals bronzer in 167 Amber Glow(exact dupe for MAC's Stereo Rose) and L'oreal Infalliable glosses in 515 Undeniable Mauve and 815 Barely nude and last but not least my Bath and Body lotions in Black Raspberry Vanilla, Twilight Woods and Secret Wonderland!

  2. have you tried maybe using the darkest shade of the concealer palette to contour? try it out just go easy on it maybe that way you will have a use for it. =]

  3. I love your fall favorites! Great list. The UD Naked palette is on my Christmas wish list! I need it asap!

  4. I need to put flower bomb on my list for Christmas for the hubs!

  5. Great favourites, I need to revisit MUFE Mat Velvet +.

  6. Dye-A-Graham: Wow, thank you for some great suggestions!

    Marionachic: Thank you =)

    Eve: You know that's never even occurred to me? I will try it, thanks!

    Jessica: ooooo, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. I hope santa brings it!

    Taj: And i'm hoping Flowerbomb comes your way!

    Tanisa: Thank you, the mat velvet + is a life saver for my skin. I love that it's matte and covers well, but can still look natural at the same time. I use such a small amount!

  7. I totally gave up on monthly favourites. . I kept forgetting lol. Seasonal is great though!!

    I just bought the Naked pallet the other day and I ahven't used it yet because I don't want to ruin it. . it's jus ttoo pretty! haha

    I think it's so funny when you mention 'winter' because I totally picture you as having summer weather like all year long. It's sadly about to snow here and being cute and warm just doesn't really work.

  8. I love your picks! I really need to remember to try that SK concealer. Those leopard heels are so cute and will go with anything. And I really need to give Flowerbomb another try. It was very off on me the day I tried it, I will check it out again on your rec.

  9. I've never tried the MUFE Mat Velvet---I'll have to give it a whirl. Great faves.

  10. And you just inspired me to get the UD Naked palette. I've been looking for new eyeshadows & I think I've found mine!

  11. Emily: I know, monthly faves are just tedious nowadays! And LOL, I guess I'm being a little melodramatic about the weather. But it really does get pretty cold (for us spoiled southern Californians). I'm sure you would laugh at me complaining about 40 degree weather ;)

    Andi: Did you try the original Flowerbomb, or the La Vie En Rose version? I think the original is a bit stronger in scent. I have the rollerball, and it really is a flowerbomb! La Vie En Rose is a bit more wearable IMO, especially if you prefer more fruity scents. But then again, perfume smells differently on everyone depending on body chemistry!

    Mere: Thank you! If you need exta coverage or want a more matte look, I highly suggest giving it a try.

    Kristen: Awwww, I know you will love it!

  12. it sounds like I NEED that phyto hair mask...mine has been really dry lately!

  13. Great list of favorites girly! I love cardigans too. I have a tone of them, they're so easy to wear. :)

  14. One of each please! I think I'll get that foundation when I run out...I have literally not used any other es since I got the UD palette! It is my fav. little makeup friend. Hehe..

    It has been freezinggggg temps for so-cal! We need to go on a shopping trip soon for coats! Bundle up on Thurs. as it has been super cold here too..record breaking lows. Teeth chattering....not our kind of weather!

  15. haha. . . 40 degrees is like bathing suit weather!! Also, thank you for your sweet comment, but trust me the 'hourglass' figure wasn't always so good. hahha

  16. V: I think you would love it, especially since you've already tried the brand.

    Crystal: Thank you! Cardigans are the best invention =)

    Katie: Me too, i've sort of abandoned my mac shadows at the moment! I'll see you tomorrow!

    Emily: Haha, the next time I go outside I'll picture myself wearing a bathing suit ;)

  17. A long coat, tall boots, and tights always carry me into winter. Here in Houston, we don't really have a Fall -- just Summer and Winter, hahaha! I am intrigued by MAFE, though -- I'm using Chanel's foundation right now but wonder if I should try MAFE the next time around...

  18. Amy: If you do try it, let me know how you like it!

  19. Love those flats! So fab! Are they Tory Burch?



  20. oh i may have to try that MUFE foundation. I am always testing out new ones! xo


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