You girls all know that I'm obsessed with bright, colorful lips (mentioned here and here). It's grown quite a bit since I first dipped my feet into the color pool. To prove this point further, I set up my little stash of lipsticks and took some pictures.

L to R: See Sheer by MAC, Viva Glam Cyndi by MAC, Strawberry Suede by Revlon (matte), Raspberry by Revlon (colorburst).

Swatched, same order as above.

L to R: Crosswires by MAC, Ultra Darling by MAC, Fuchsia by Revlon, Blase' Apricot by Revlon.

Swatched, same order as above.

I think it is safe to say that my go-to brands are MAC and Revlon. I find that they are affordable and offer a wide range of finishes and colors. Some of them are rather sheer, while others I actually have to dab on for fear of going overboard. I recommend keeping the rest of the face clean and simple if you are doing a neon, rainbow bright lip. The overall look is fresh, young, and most importantly, fun! Pair a bright lip with more neutral clothing and it almost acts as an accessory! Or, you can go all out with colorful clothing AND lipstick. I still love my natural nudes when I do a smokey eye, but colorful lips are here to stay. Hey, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

Here's to happy lips,
♥ Noelle


It was rainy and cold yesterday, so I decided to browse Barnes & Noble. I spotted a book on fashion history and snapped it up. I've been interested in learning more about my favorite designers.  I couldn't leave without checking out the enormous magazine section. I was about to call it a day when out of the corner of my eye I saw Rachel Bilson on the cover of Califonia Style magazine. I stopped dead in my tracks, ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the beautiful pictures. I love Rachel Bilson. In my opinion, she has never looked better. In case you haven't seen them, here they are.

Images found using Google and The Stylist

There's almost something ethereal about her. What do you think?
♥ Noelle


I'm taking inspiration from everyone right now, including some from the beautiful Andi. She just wrote a blog post about Spring fashion, and looks that are inspiring her while she's under the weather this week. Given that I've been under the weather too, I figured what better way to put a giant grin on my face than to look at gorgeous pictures of gorgeous clothes?  'Nuf said.

Lauren Conrad. I love nude! I love her!

Can someone tell me who Mollie King is? Because I love her polka dot dress and chic bag.

Here she is again in sky high heels and skinnies - my favorite look for night!

I am seriously tempted to try a maxi skirt or dress this year. I've never been drawn to them as I'm short and I thought they might make me look even smaller. Hmmmmmm....Olivia Palermo looks perfect.

Taylor Swift. I LOVE sweet floral dresses and nude pumps.

I'm not done with tights just yet! And to think I was afraid to wear them!

Kristin Cavallari just makes me want to work out. I love her turquoise necklace.

 All images courtesy of The Vogue Diaries. It's such a fun blog to look through!

I also wanted to say thank you for all the kind words on my last post. I'm feeling much better since the accident. I'm just really sore and my neck is stiff, but the doctor told me I should feel more like myself starting next week.
Have a great Thursday!
♥ Noelle


Hey Friends!
I apologize for the lack of posts the past few days. The boyfriend and I had a very eventful weekend, one in which we both had to take a trip to the ER. An extremely sore neck, a pounding head, and an immobile arm have rendered me a bit useless. I'm typing this with one hand ;)  But alas, I'll spare the gory details and just say that I'm thankful we are both alright, that we both have health insurance, and that I've met some lovely new friends I'm extremely grateful for.

In the meantime, (while I'm recovering) I just wanted to do a quick post featuring some bags I'm loving from Aldo. You all remember my beloved Cyphert:

Here are other great bags for Spring, and all at affordable prices.

~Starliper - so cute with a little dress!

~Niesen - I'm obsessed with camel. I want!

~Moltz - Yup. I want this one too.

I'm still saving for a designer bag, but what I love about Aldo is that I don't have to feel guilty if I want to treat myself a little before then.

I hope you all are happy and healthy! That's really all that matters.


Spring has sprung! I actually dislike that phrase, and is it really officially Spring? Someone let me know! But the weather has been changing in southern California, and although my allergies are bothering the heck outta me, the warm temps and long afternoons are making me feel as giddy as a schoolgirl. At this time last year, yours truly was getting ready to graduate from college, saving up a bit for a trip to New York City and Ohio, and, most importantly, adding new dresses and little tank tops to my wardrobe. I find the transition from Winter to Spring to be somewhat tedious. I stare blankly into my teeny-tiny closet and wonder what in the world I'm going to do with all of my big coats and sweaters. I really have no where to put them! Lately, I've been exposing my arms and legs, and that in itself is daunting. Pale girl, over here! Nothing some L'oreal Bronzing Gel won't fix =)

And nothing that my current fashion cravings won't fix either! I am loving colorful stone jewelry and oversized clutches that will take me from day to night.

♥♥♥ Anthropologie has a great selection of colorful baubles ♥♥♥

My collection ~ I think I have a good start.

I want these pretties tucked under my arm:

Dying over this!

What's putting you in the mood for Spring?
♥ Noelle


For the longest time now, I have heard of Beso.com through reading countless blogs. At first I didn't know what it was, until I started exploring the website on my own. If you were like me and don't know what Beso is, I'll let you in on the facts. According to the site, "beso is the online shopping destination that allows you to browse products at thousands of stores." Talk about convenient! When I'm desperately searching for an item online, be it a bag, a pair of shoes, or even a bottle of nail polish, I often feel overwhelmed by the search results. It's nice to have a resource like Beso that allows the online shopper to browse at will - and all in one place.

Ever since watching Sex and the City, I have dreamed of owning my own name necklace. Noelle isn't a very common name so I gave up hope of just stumbling upon one at a flea market. However, I was excited when I was contacted to review the Beso website because I knew that a necklace was in order! I looked for name necklaces and found dozens of great options at different price points.



I will say that the jewelry section on Beso is incredible! I could browse for hours, and I think I actually did =) I decided on the Carrie style necklace in sterling silver from MyNameNecklace.

Pretty, right? I received it on Saturday and wore it for the rest of the weekend. I was Carrie, the boyfriend was Mr. Big. Jimmy Choos not included.

Have you used Beso to shop? If you have any questions or comments, let me know!

♥ Noelle


Now that Spring is literally knocking on my door, I've come to the realization that I can almost kiss Wintertime goodbye! Anyone who knows me will atest to the fact that I'm not a cold weather girl. I'm happiest outside in the sun, wearing little dresses and sandals. My beauty routine is much easier in the Spring and Summer. I don't have to worry as much about chronic dry skin and static-prone hair. However, because I'm a beauty addict, I will admit that I'll miss Winter. I can pile things on more freely in the colder temperatures. Here are the products that I was happy to pile on my face and body over the past three months:

My skin gets so dry and itchy during Winter! This Vaseline lotion helped immensely. As soon as I got out of the shower, I slathered this on my arms and legs.

I know. The Naked palette has been so-very-popular on the blogs, that I'm sure everyone is rolling their eyes at mere mention of it. But, I wore this almost every single day. I still do. My faves? Virgin, Sin, Buck, and Toasted.

Bella Bamba blush by Benefit, a pretty watermelon that brightened my pale skin.

I wore a lot of bright or red lipstick this season. I'm so happy that colorful lips are still on trend for Spring/Summer. More on that in an *upcoming post*

Sugar Rose Lip Treatment by Fresh. This feels as smooth as buttah. Look at how much I have left? I'm so sad =(  I think next time I'll try the regular clear shade.

I became very aware of my skin concerns and needs. I SWORE by Philosophy's Microdelivery mini peel pads. I only used them once a week, but my skin's texture really improved. I also SWORE by Kiehls Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado. It's so rich and moisturizing. These products will still be with me in the upcoming months. Maybe forever!

Other than these staples, I mixed and changed products seamlessly, which is mostly because I am trying to use what I already own. I am so excited for Spring!

What did you use frequently over Winter? What are you looking forward to using come Spring?
♥ Noelle


Dress and Cardigan - Forever 21, Flats - Zara, Necklaces - Lisa Taubes, Ring - YSL

I wore this on Saturday, during an impromptu trip up the coast with the boyfriend. It was a gorgeous weekend to be careless and driving with the windows down, hair blowing like mad in the wind (and in my lipgloss). It was still a bit chilly though, which is why a cardigan is perfect no matter the day or the season. I am looking forward to more carefree days like that and "driving with my best friend."

♥ Noelle


I first participated in this tag here, when I first started the little blog. It's amusing to see how things have changed! Thank you to Ella for thinking of me =)

1. Most Worn Hair Product

2. Most Worn Lip Product: This will be a tie between See Sheer and Shy Girl lipsticks, both by MAC.
See Sheer worn here

And here

Wearing Shy Girl

3. Most Worn Earrings
Amazing Studs by Sonya Renee (She makes beautiful jewelry). When in doubt, these are my default studs.

4. Most Worn Shirt
You girls know this! My Anthro Volante Tee

5. Most Worn Nail Polish
I own so many bottles of polish, I rotate a lot! This is what I always use as my top coat - Seche Vite. I love the shine it gives as well as the speedy dry down, but be aware that this has harsh chemicals. I think I need to find a good replacement that's better for me.

6. Most Worn Shoes


Notice a trend? I ♥ flats for daytime!

7. Most Worn Perfume
Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb  - La Vie En Rose (Sephora Exclusive)

8. Most Worn Bag
For the past few months...
Aldo Cyphert


My Charcoal Zara.

Now, I tag all of you! This is such a fun one to do, because it actually allows you to see what you're really using and obviously loving.
Happy Friday!
♥ Noelle