Leopard print maxi dress - Angl,  Black lace bandeau (underneath) - Nordstrom,  Bag - MNG Mango, Beaded sandals - Steve Madden "Bride", Mint and silver ring - F21, Nail polish - Kiss the Bride by Orly

When you're wearing head to toe leopard, I think it's best to keep the rest of the look very simple. Hardly any jewelry, chic flat sandals, and a nude/pink nail allows me to feel comfortable and put-together instead of over-the-top. How do you girls think I did on the styling? Simple is key, right? As a maxi dress novice, I feel out of my element wearing such a long dress with such a...such a print! I do love it though, and I am so proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone. I like it so much that I want to find another in a solid color, preferably black. That way, I can wear more accessories.
In writing this, I thought it was funny that the style of the SM sandals are called bride, while the polish I chose is called Kiss the bride. Hmmmm...a sign of things to come? Someday! I'll keep this look in mind if I ever get my wishes and have a wedding on the beach =)
Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


I was looking through my archives the other night while I was saving some old pictures from my laptop to a flash drive. See, my computer decided to be a pain in the you-know-what and my internet now has a virus. The boy reassures me that his techie friend can wipe away all the mess, and my laptop will be good as new in a few days. I hope so, because the last thing I want to spend my money on are necessities ;)

I had so many pictures on my computer that made me laugh. Swatches of lipstick, eyeshadows and blush. Super blurry outfits from when I first started blogging. I deleted most of them, but saved a few that I actually really like. Most are fairly recent, because I'd like to think that my style has greatly improved over time.

One of my first OOTD. I still love the simplicity of this look. However, bad lighting and an ultra messy background (note the white splotch on the mirror) taint it. I also don't watermark my pictures anymore. Maybe I should, but I just don't.

Infamous rose dress from the H&M Garden Collection last year. This was at Megu in NYC. I still adore that dress, and keep thinking of some place I could wear it.

Friend's wedding, where black was mandatory.

This past winter

Five year anniversary with my bf

And most recently in the necklace you'll see me wearing a lot in the next few months!

I think looking back at old outfit photos is a great way to see what you used to love and, most importantly, what you don't anymore. Me? Well it's abundantly clear I love skinny jeans. It's also clear I love basic colors and silhouettes.

The witty Amy nominated me for a "Stylish Blogger" award and I was tickled that she even thought of me. I have to disclose 7 things about myself you girls may not know, and then nominate 7 others to do the same. Here goes...

1) I am having a tough time "dressing down" at work. For those of you who are new to my blog, I work in a group home. It's actually half school, half residential treatment program but I mainly work in the teen boys' dorm at night. The rule is that you can't wear heels or open toe shoes, and because these kids have serious emotional, mental, and behavioral issues, I have to be ready to possibly go hands-on with them. This means no jewelry either. I find myself wearing lots of  zip up hoodies, not exactly my style! There's such a discrepency between my personal life and my work life. Not really complaining or anything, but it's very odd.

2) This leads to my next fact: Most people have no clue that I have a beauty/fashion blog. I bet my co-workers would die if they knew because I am not able to share that side of myself with them. I also find myself struggling to tell friends for fear of what they may say or think. Is this insane? Why am I embarassed? I love this community so much and I love blogging. We should all be proud of ourselves for the time and passion it takes to blog. Have any of you faced similar problems?

3) I'm addicted to The Food Network and all of the reality shows on Bravo! The Real Housewives franchise? It's a sickness.

4) I'm not very good at swimming, even though I live for the ocean. I even go snorkeling! But only with my boyfriend, who holds my hand out in the water. I grab on for dear life! I can tread water and keep afloat, but I really only know how to dog paddle or do the "froggie" as I call it.

5) I have a grotesque sense of humor, typically associated with males. I'm a girl, but I still love bathroom jokes. Don't ask me why!

6) I light candles in my room every night. My favorite scents are vanilla, cake batter, and anything by Glade.

7) I really, really, want a French or English bulldog. Do you read The Honeybee? Andee has the cutest puppy!

I want to pass along the award to:

Natasha from Schue Love

Lilly from Lilly's Style

Ella from Ella Pretty

I love every single blogger I follow, so if you want to participate and tell us all something about you we may not know, please feel free =)

Thank you for reading,


Coming from a girl who proudly proclaims to love neutrals, I sure am attracted to all the bright neons that are taking over fashion and beauty this season. I am so tempted to paint my nails like the picture above (on a weekend I'm not working!) The Lubus would be welcomed too.

* All images courtesy of we heart it*



Ever since I went to Madewell last week, I have been stalking the website. I've heard wonderful things about J. Crew's sister store but there wasn't a location near my area. I'm always hesitant to order online from a company I don't know well. How's the quality? Is the sizing true? Petite friendly? How do I order when I have no idea what to expect? Until a Madewell opened up at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, Ca. My opportunity was just a car ride away.

I walked in and tried on clothes like a mad woman! Everything I picked up was so soft and beautiful. It was all...made well.

These are some looks from the site that I am obsessing over and ultimately saving for. The price point is a little higher than I'm used to paying for clothes. You girls know I mainly shop at H&M, Forever 21, and Nordstrom.

 So much prettier in person. I want to go back for this!

I wanted it all but left with the Trellis top in warm ginger, an airy blush/nude color.

Top - Madewell, Cami (underneath) - Madewell, Jeans - BR, Peep toe quilted pumps - Zara, Camel bag - MNG by Mango (JCPenny), Turquoise bib necklace - H&M (love!), Lapis colored ring - YSL Arty, Nails - Wet n Wild's Blaze

This top is going to be a staple for Summer. Thankfully, it's light enough to wear in the heat. I'll throw on my white eyelet shorts, beaded sandals and voila! Fresh, clean colors.

Have a great weekend loves!
♥ Noelle


I spent a deliriously happy (girls) weekend in downtown San Diego. My best friend and her boyfriend recently moved to the Little Italy area, a quaint neighborhood filled with Italian eateries and fun boutiques. I've never been much of a city girl, but visiting the big apple last year changed my mind completely. I think I've always been leery of the hustle and bustle of living in a city. Too many people inhabiting a small space, too many loud noises that would undoubtedly fray my nerves. But with that comes excitement, and an energy that pulls me outside my nervous little comfort zone. It's good for me!

Farmer's Market on Saturday, around the corner from her apartment.

Blogger favorites: French macaroons and fresh flowers

San Diego harbor

My BFF. We enjoyed Bloody Marys on Sunday afternoon.

I've been trying to hunt down a pair of Steve Madden bow flip flops, first seen here on Veronika's blog. I tried to find the ones she has, but learned they were sold out everywhere I went.
These are by Michael Kors, and I spotted them at DSW! I suggest checking them out if you can! Pretty similar.

Just a quick post that i wanted to share =)
Happy Tuesday!
♥ Noelle


Hey everyone! I'm back with another edition of my thoughts and impressions of  beauty products I've recently purchased. On a side note, I was so frustrated with Blogger last week! It ate some of my comments and my last post was lost...and then it magically reappeared. I'm sure you all felt the same way. Hopefully it doesn't happen again anytime soon.

Now to my mini reviews:

I finally bought a lipstick that gets a lot of hype: Rimmel's Airy Fairy

The color is beautiful. It's a wearable mid tone pink with hints of lilac. It also has some golden shimmer, but I don't find the shimmer transfers when applied to my lips.

The formula is creamy and quite moisturizing actually. I don't find it to be drying at all. I also love the fruity scent. At around four dollars, I think this is the best neutral pink I've ever tried.

Verdict: Recommend

On the same trip to the drugstore, I also picked up one of the new Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Balms. This one is called Peach Crystal. I love Revlon's Super Lustrous lip glosses and lipsticks so I had high hopes.

If you've tried MAC's Tender Tones, than you will remember that jolly rancher scent. This has the same smell, which I love! It also has an SPF of 15, so it will be perfect for trips to the beach this Summer. The color is very sheer, but this shade does give my lips that "juicy" look.

Pretty right? The formula is a bit sticky, so if you dislike that then you won't like this balm. However, I find it to be really moisturizing and I would absolutely repurchase.

Verdict: Recommend

During Sephora's VIB discount week, I bought this Urban Decay Liquid Liner in Smog. It's a gorgeous tarnished olive color. I love wearing green on my lids, as they complement my brown eyes and bring out the golden flecks in them.

I'm a mess with liquid liner, but the brush is so fine that it makes a perfect line without any effort at all. The brush is very flimsy, but I think that's what makes the application so easy. I still love my Lancome Artliner, but this definitely comes in a close second. I love the fun color range, the sole reason why I bought Smog in the first place.

Verdict: Recommend

So as you can see, I really love all three products and am very happy I have them in my collection.
Have you tried any of them?
♥ Noelle
About two years ago, my favorite hairstylist in the whole world moved to a salon where they used a haircare line called UNITE. I had never heard of the brand before, but my hair girl raved that it was the best shampoo and conditioner she had ever tried on her clients. I was a bit skeptical, because let's face it, even our trusted hair stylists want to make commision on selling products.

As soon as I smelled the shampoo, I was hooked! I love using products that make my hair smell delicious long after I get out of the shower, and this shampoo reminds me of Summertime. It's very tropical, but not too saccharin sweet. It's fruit scented for grown-ups. The conditioner carries the same notes, but is a bit different (although I can't really say what that difference is).

 I had a hard time finding UNITE in stores. Even a local beauty supply mecca that carries everything didn't carry it.  From then onward, I looked forward to going to her salon just so she could use those products. Until she quit hairdressing and became a nurse. ?????? I was so sad.

Fast forward two years later and my boyfriend's sister now does my hair. And, she happens to work in another salon that uses UNITE as their main products. Score!

I use the Volumizing shampoo and the Moisturizing conditioner. The shampoo gives my limp locks a boost without weighing them down. It isn't a heavy feeling shampoo, and neither is the conditioner. They are amazingly light, and I don't get an oily residue that some other products have left behind in my hair. All  UNITE products are "proudly free" of: sulfates, parabens, gluten, sodium chloride, dea, mea, and is 100% vegan and color safe.

I always like to do research before buying a hair product, and UNITE has a great website. They even have videos explaining certain ingredients.

I will say that the shampoos and conditioners are pricey. They are comparable to Pureology, Phyto, and other brands I've splurged on over the years. But if you struggle with your hair like I do, I highly recommend it. I'll be using this for a long time to come. Oh, and this isn't sponsored or anything. I just love the way my hair has been managing ever since I bought the shampoo and conditioner again.

Have you heard of the brand before? Let me know!
I'm off to San Diego again for the weekend tomorrow after work, so I will catch up with you all next week.
♥ Noelle


Stacking bracelets 

A lovely package from Ella Pretty. It smells amazing! Thank you!

My rainbow colored necklaces hanging in my closet. My most recent additons front and center, begging to be played with.

A cute top from one of my favorite boutiques.

Hold the phone - a leopard print maxi? I've never even worn a maxi dress, let alone a printed version. I'm coming out of my shell =) Picture it with beaded sandals. Now I just need to have it hemmed a bit.

A find at JCPenny, MNG by Mango. Very speedy-esque.

Just some things that are making me giddy with glee. Summer is fastly approaching, and at this time last year I was just getting ready to graduate from college. I keep thinking about how much things have changed. For some reason, I can't completely process it all. Even my style is evolving. I used to be fearful of color, maxi ANYTHING on my short stature, and I'm just now trying out the stackable bracelets that I see on so many girls around California.

I hope you all are having a wonderful week! Thank you so much for reading.
♥ Noelle


Happy Mother's Day!

I hope you all are having a wonderful time with family. My day has been pretty low-key, but it did involve some sushi at my favorite Japanese restaurant =)

I spent Saturday night celebrating my best friend's birthday. I wish I had taken pictures of her new apartment in downtown San Diego. She did a beautiful job decorating, I was in awe! Next time I visit, I will be sure to snap some shots.

We had dinner and drinks, and it was a fabulous time. The birthday girl danced the night away, something she rarely does. Before I left my house, I took a really quick outfit picture.

Flowy bubble sleeve top - Express, Printed skirt - Forever 21, Patent peep toe flats - Circa Joan and David (Macy's) Ring - H&M

You can't tell because my hair was covering them, but I wore these:

They were a hit! The turquoise is even more vibrant in person. They glowed against my dark hair.

The skirt is so comfortable, and I LOVE the fact that it has pockets! I decided to wear flats that night because I wasn't sure how much walking we would do. They are my first ever peep toe flats, and I got them on sale at Macy's a few weeks back.

Thank you for reading!
♥ Noelle


Last Summer, I distinctly remember flipping through an issue of People StyleWatch where I saw this:

I admired Michelle's beautiful turquoise earrings designed by Kendra Scott, and made a note to order them. Then other items piled onto my wishlist and I forgot all about the pretty stone earrings.

Until recently, when I saw them again appearing on blogs. How could I forget their beauty?

 I ordered mine here, after visiting the Kendra Scott website and waiting for the Danielle earrings to come back into stock. They come in a multitude of bright colors, the turquoise being my personal fave (and everyone else's too). I cannot wait to wear these tomorrow for my friend's birthday! Thanks, UPS man. You brought my earrings to me in the nick of time.

♥ Noelle