I did a post like this last year, so I wanted to keep the tradition going. Here are some of my favorite outfits from 2012. Looking back, there are definitely a few things that stick out. I loved pops of color, I used jewelry and accessories to dress up otherwise casual outfits, pleated skirts became a total obsession, and skinny jeans were (and still are) my go-to's.

It's amazing how blogging allows me to reflect on my style. I started this journey over three years ago while I was in my final year of college, and it still remains my number one love. I truly thank you for your readership and kind comments. 2013 is slated to be the most exciting (and probably stressful) year of my life. I'm marrying my best friend, we are moving into our own condo, one of my bridesmaids is giving birth to twin boys, and my best girl is also getting married. Lots of changes! One thing I won't change is this blog. Expect more outfits, more beauty products, and more superficial talk (mainly in a selfish effort to keep myself from going completely insane!)

I'm taking the rest of 2012 off, but I will be back later next week after NYE. I love you guys! See you next year :)

♥ Noelle


Faux Fur Vest - Express
Black Chiffon Blouse - F21 (similar)
Jeans - Old Navy
Heels - Zara (similar)
Bag - Chanel
Necklace - F21 (recent, check stores)
Watch - Michael Kors
Earrings - Sonya Renee
Ring - Henri Bendel

The last time I wore this vest was last year! I can't believe it took me so long to take it out for a spin again. Honestly, it is so warm and cozy that you don't need much more to keep you warm. Well, at least if you live in an area where it doesn't snow.

I just want to wish those of you who celebrate a Merry Christmas! I'll be back later this week with another quick post. As always, thank you all so much for reading :)

♥ Noelle


I think when it comes to fashion and beauty, the little details are just as important as the bigger picture. Whether it's an accessory that acts as the finishing touch to your outfit or that spritz of perfume before walking out the front door, I have been paying close attention to the details that make me feel complete on a daily basis.

J.Crew, Forever 21 (recent, check stores)
I'm loving jewelry with crystals. Even if I'm wearing a sweater, I love to throw on some sparkle. Pearls are also topping my outfits!
This has been my favorite lip combination! The perfect sexy, plummy lip. It's great because it strikes a nice balance between natural and bold. Last year was all about red for me, but this year has been all about plum. I blame it on the burgundy/bordeaux trend.
I love perfume, and I think it's the ultimate way to alter your mood and make you feel more feminine. These little rollerballs are not only great for taking with you in your bag, but they are also a less expensive way to try out a new fragrance.
Speaking of keeping track of details, I went into Target last week and picked up this new 2013 planner:
Pretty! I love a good metallic! I also spotted these in gold and rose gold as well. I can't find this on the site, but if you go to the store, look in the cubicles around the women's clothing section.
♥ Noelle


Blouse - Express
Jeans - LOFT
Scarf - Nordstrom (similar)
Flats - Shoemint (similar)
Watch - Fossil
Bracelet - Derng
Earrings - F21

Every town or city has something that it's known for. My town is known for its wineries, so I go wine tasting with friends every chance I get! You'd think I'd get tired of it. I've visited almost every winery we have. But strangely enough, it never gets old and I always look forward to it. I have my favorite spots, and so when my best friend came up to visit this past weekend, I made one in particular a destination. The weather was cool and crisp, so I decided to wear jeans and a scarf to warm up my newest blouse from Express. It's the same cut and shape as this one, just in a fun snakeskin print.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
♥ Noelle


1) Elf Kabuki Brush - For three dollars at Target, I walked away with the softest (I mean bunny soft) kabuki brush that fits perfectly into my J. Crew makeup bag. I use it to apply my face powder during touch-ups. I thought about buying one from a high-end brand, but I'm so happy that I saved my money and bought this little guy instead.

2) California Mango Mend - This multi-purpose balm smells amazing! Like a trip to Bora Bora amazing. Or so I imagine :) Anyway, this can be purchased at Sally Beauty Supply for around nine dollars. I bought it specifically for my dry hands. I'm constantly washing them because I work with kids who love to put their germy little fingers all over me! I wash my hands so much that they get cracked. This mango balm is the perfect size to keep in your bag, your car, or next to the bathroom sink. I won't be without it this Winter.

3) ROC Daily Resurfacing Disks - If you try just one thing from this list, please try this! These disks are great for firming and exfoliating skin. I don't have deep wrinkles (yet) so I can't attest to their ability to help fight them, but I've noticed a real difference in the overall appearance of my skin. It's been much more radiant lately. Safe enough for daily use.

4) Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer - I'm not a fan of face primer, mainly because I think regular moisturizer works just as well. However, after months of reading rave reviews from many of you, I was happy to try this sample size in the Sephora All Stars set. Love it! This primer is the perfect texture and consistency - not too slick, not too heavy, and only a slight silicone feel. It helps my foundation go on more smoothly, diminishes the look of pores, and helps my makeup last longer.

5) Goldeneye nail polish from the O.P.I. Skyfall collection - The most gorgeous gold! I have worn it for almost an entire week and it's just now starting to chip. It's such a stark gold, it almost looks like real gold leaf.  I don't think I've ever seen anything like it. This will be my nail color of choice for New Years.

6) Josie Maran Argan Oil - Another product that I can't recommend enough to everyone. Great for hair, cuticles, face, arms, legs...put some in your bath for softer skin. You can honestly use this product for practically any beauty need. The great thing about her argan oil is that it's very light. It soaks right into your skin while still providing so much moisture. The same goes for your hair. I used  Moroccan Oil for a long time, but stopped because it just felt so greasy and heavy. This is weightless.

♥ Noelle


Blouse - F21 (pretty alternative), Skirt - F21 (love this), Tights - Express, Heels - Zara, Bag - Chanel, Sunnies - F21 (my dream pair), Necklace - Sonya Renee,  Earrings - Sonya Renee, Watch - Fossil

I bought this skirt months ago, but had no idea how to style it. The skirt doesn't have a lining, just little boy shorts that are quite deceiving. Tights were a must, otherwise I risked showing too much! I think that's why I waited so long to wear it. I'm happy with the overall outcome. Perfect for a dinner party at a quaint Italian restaurant.

♥ Noelle


With the holidays comes lots of parties! December may possibly be the most elegant month of the year. There's nothing I love more then getting all glammed up for a fun night out. I tend to gravitate towards texture, metallics, deep jewel tones, embellishments, and of course, plenty of sparkle! This is the best time to go all out and wear something completely fabulous. No need to be shy or play it safe. Let your inner glam girl shine through :)

Photos c/o Pinterest

 I'm already thinking about my New Years Eve look, and I know one thing for certain: My gold sequin Zara skirt will be the key piece! I was playing around on Polyvore and this little outfit seems like a great option. If only I owned the CL's!

Holiday Sparkle

Holiday Sparkle by beautygirl24 featuring leather heels

What are you planning on wearing to parties this month?
♥ Noelle


It's interesting how our tastes change as we get older. For instance, I've never been much of a cold weather girl, until recently. I dream in colorful sunsets and tropical breezes. My godfather lives in Maui, and I've been in love with Hawaii ever since I can remember. I went there after graduating high school, my fiance and I took our first major vacation together there a few years ago, and we are going back next year on our honeymoon. Clearly, I love the beach. But while warm weather may be good for the soul (and your health), I think dressing for colder climates is much more appealing. It's something about layers and feeling all bundled up. I've been coming home from work and lighting my candles, and there's just this happy feeling that I get. To emmulate that same feeling when I'm not at home, I'm going to wear my boots and trench coat every chance I get!

Trench - LOFT (sold out online, but check stores) (This one is so pretty)
Leggings - Hue
Boots - BP Nordstrom, similar here and here. Love this dream option by Tory Burch!
Bag - J. Crew
Earrings (unseen) - Anthro (similar)

I am inputing the entries I received on my Regina Pierallini giveaway into Random.org, then emailing the two winners tonight, so check your inbox :)
♥ Noelle


I'm sure like me, many of you are addicted. In between browsing for wedding ideas, fashion and beauty pictures are my favorite categories to drool over on Pinterest. This shot in particular caught my eye one day, and I've been dying to recreate the look ever since.

I can't quite tell if the girl is wearing a top or a dress, but I like the idea of a striped long-sleeved tee, a blazer, and pretty jewelry paired with jeans and boots. So that's exactly what I did:

Tee - LOFT, Blazer - Gibson, Jeans - LOFT, Boots - BCBGeneration (old, but similar here), Necklace - Baublebar (waitlisted, so still a chance to get this one! But, this beauty is just as amazing)

Nails - OPI Dating a Royal, Ring - YSL

I apologize for the slightly blurry, grainy pictures but it was extremely overcast outside when they were taken. I'm in love with my new sparkling LOFT tee, as well as my Baublebar pearls. I have a feeling both are going to appear in many upcoming posts, so stand by :)

♥ Noelle


Now that our bellies have settled from stuffing ourselves silly over Thanksgiving, we look toward Christmas and the holidays. That means it's time for November's monthly round-up and question: What are your favorite three things that you have learned from other blogs/YouTube?

These bloggers have taught me how to incorporate color into my wardrobe. I was fairly bland before I got a clue that color is fabulous! Unusual color combinations, prints, and mixing casual with dressy is something I've really been able to achieve using their ideas and inspiration: The Chloe Conspiracy, Mix and Match Fashion, Lilly's Style, and Bows & Sequins. Other fashion bloggers that have taught me so much about personal style include: Veronika's Blushing, The Honeybee, and Ella Pretty. It's so difficult to put together a list because I follow so many wonderful girls who inspire me everyday. I have followed many of you since I started this blog over three years ago, but a new crop of girls are also teaching me how to cultivate my true style. If I could list everyone, I would!

My best friend Katie has beautiful style. She always looks put together, and she looks amazing in chunky jewelry and bold makeup. She's a girl's girl, and she has definitely taught me how to be glamourous no matter what the occasion.

Some of her favorite things. She loves lashes (unlike myself). Even on casual days, she looks so chic.

Always glam ♥

As for YouTube, These three girls are my go-to's for hair, makeup, and style. Michele1218 is my favorite. She is so incredibly sweet, articulate, and down-to-earth. I love her effortless style. She uses a lot of vegan products, and has taught me so much about good skincare without using harsh chemicals. She is also the one who taught me about dry shampoo. Sonia is great at makeup tutorials. She loves (and resembles) the Kardashians, so if you love that look, then she is a great girl to follow. She taught me how to apply liquid eyeliner. I was a mess until I started watching her videos. And of course, there's also Alex. She showed me how to mix metals and layer bold chain jewelry. She has her own line, very popular on bloggers :)

That was more than three, wasn't it? This was a hard question for me to answer!

♥ Noelle