My naturally wavy/frizzy hair can be hard to tame in the summer months. I usually straighten my hair, but the heat of the blowdryer never sounds appealing when it's 100 degrees outside. Besides, my hair will often frizz and start to curl once I step outside my house. Frusterated, I decided to go for the "beachy" look that's so popular where I live. Why not free myself from blowdrying and flatironing? I went to the drugstore and bought Sunsilk's Waves of Envy spray and immediately fell in love. I looked like one of those surfer girls that I have always admired. All I do is spray it onto my wet hair after showering. Then once my hair is dry, I spray some more, making sure to twist sections of my hair for an even wavier look. Now, I must warn that it isn't a "done" or perfect look. It's definitely a beachy, scrunchy wave, and some may not like the texture that it makes the hair. I personally don't mind looking like i just went for a dip in the salty ocean. When I want to look more put together, I still straighten my hair, even in the hot summer. But sunsilk's wave spray is a great alternative for those "lazy" days, or on days when I actually do go to the beach. The best part about it is the price. I believe it's only a couple bucks a bottle. When my boyfriend and I went to Hawaii last year, I practically ate the stuff! Here is a picture of what I looked like in Hawaii with the spray:


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