I am currently loving hot pink for summer. I finally have a tan, and pink tones seem to really pop on my newly acquired golden skin. I say this because I am very fair during the winter months...you guys will see! Last week, I painted my nails a bright, vibrant pink. I used Nic's sticks by O.P.I. in the color "cram for an exam." Also loving the fun name! If you aren't familiar with Nic's sticks, it is a polish that is dispensed from a pen, rather than the traditional bottle. This was my first time trying polish from a pen, and I found it very easy to apply. You simply push the bottom of the pen and the nail polish comes out onto the attached brush at the top. It's a bit messy, and I wish the brush wasn't so flimsy but I still like the concept and I plan on buying more. But that's not my rave - the hot pink color is! Look how it stands out

Not only is hot pink, well HOT on the nails, but it also looks good on lips too. I have been wearing MAC's Viva Glam 5 lipstick paired with MAC's Eclectic Edge lipglass from the Colour Craft collection. Now, this combo sort of changes with certain lighting. At night, the colors look more purply-pink, and that is also gorgeous. But during the day, this lip combo gives a pretty and fun hot pink tint to my lips. I have been wearing this almost every day.

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