I usually do not post new blogs on the weekends, and I was away from my laptop for a couple days to enjoy the beach with my boyfriend ;) I woke up this morning and immediately checked the blogs. I was so happy and humbled to discover that I was tagged and awarded by the lovely Lip Gloss Gossip! If you haven't already checked out her blog, it is http://lipgloss-gossip.blogspot.com/

Thank you so much! I am so happy that you enjoy my blog! The rules for this tag/award are:
1) List 5 current obsessions
2) Pass the award on to 5 more fabulous blogs
3) On your post of receiving this award, link back to the person that awarded you
4) Link your 5 winners and let them know that they have been awarded

So here are my 5 current obsessions:

1)YouTube! It was through watching several girls on YouTube doing makeup tutorials, reviews, and hauls that inspired me to start my beauty and fashion blog. I stumbled into this world of makeup by accident, although I have always enjoyed fashion and shopping. I really had no idea that this whole YouTube makeup subculture even existed! I am so hooked now... and everybody knows it ;)

2) A show on Bravo called Miami Social. Extravagant lifestyles, a beautiful backdrop, gorgeous people, drama, gossip, steamy relationships...what's not to love?! It is a total guilty pleasure, and I have to admit that I'm actually embarassed by this new Tuesday night obsession. It is just so different from my own lifestyle, and I can live vicariously through this group of Miami socialites.

3) Colorful accessories. I tend to gravitate towards solid clothing colors, especially black, white, cream, navy, teal, and purple. But I love experimenting and playing with bright, colorful cocktail rings, earrings, scarves, and shoes. They can really liven up any outfit!

4) The beach. I live in Ca, and the best part of living where I do is that the beach is only a short drive away. I live for the ocean. My first trip to Hawaii to visit my godfather was when I was 5 years old, and I have been obsessed with sunsets, sunrises, plumerias and hibiscus flowers, and the ocean ever since. I cannot get enough!

5) Of course, blogging! I am so happy that I decided to start my very own blog. I love to write and I love makeup and fashion...now they go hand-in-hand and I am so appreciative to my readers. You are all beautiful and so sweet!

The people I tag and award are:
1) http://christina83writes.blogspot.com/
2) http://iambeautiful20.blogspot.com
3) http://floooof.blogspot.com
4) http://michelemacpink.blogspot.com
5) http://kerry1487.blogspot.com/

~ Honorable mention, because I love her blog and she was I believe my first follower:

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  1. Ooh thanks for tagging me :) Im really happy. I just noticed just now,lol. I didnt expect to see my blog there hehe. :)
    Thank yooou :) x


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