These are gifts from my boyfriend, best friend, and mom :) I love the Philosophy "Unconditional Love" perfume from my boyfriend. It smells like sweet candy, but is still very light. The Sephora bag contained a gift card with a pretty nice amount in it! I can't wait to use it.

On closer examination, this little heart necklace was a present from my friend Katie. I wore it on my birthday and received sweet compliments.

I also got two things from CherryCulture.com: A NYX blush in the infamous "Angel" and a NYX Bronzer Compact in "Daydream of Lanai." Nothing but pure love with these!


  1. I didn't know it was your birthday, I must have missed that somewhere, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! What lovely gifts! That necklace is so cute! :-)

  2. Happy Birthday :)
    Those gifts are lovely, I want them,hehe. :) x


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