This is such a sweet award! It was given to me by Crystal from http://www.lipglossgossip.com/. As always, thank you! I am supposed to give ten facts about myself and then tag ten blogs. so here it goes:

1) My mother is mexican(from Guadalajara) and my father is english, german, and irish. People ask me frequently "what nationality" I am. I used to get a little bothered by that question, but not anymore.

2) I usually sleep with the t.v. on. Since it doesn't have a timer on it, I wake up at 4 in the morning with infomercials blaring!

3) When I was a kid, I was very into singing and dancing. I belonged to a youth group that performed plays, and my friends and I would put on shows for our parents on a weekly basis.

4) I am very particular on how I do my laundry. Therefore, no one touches my clothes besides me!

5) I have a fear of public speaking. In fact, I have to do a presentation in one of my classes next week, and I am terrified!

6) I love animals, especially dogs. Every dog I have ever owned has been a rescue dog. If I had the means, I would fund a no-kill animal shelter. I just have so much sympathy for animals. They are truly innocents.

7) I cannot stand bad drivers!!!! I definitely have that California road rage.

8) Old shows like "I Love Lucy" are my favorite! Sometimes I wish I had lived in a different time.

9) I am an only child, no brothers or sisters ;( I wish I had siblings though! Someone to fight with...or shop with ;)

10) I am head over heels in love with my boyfriend. We plan on marrying in the future, after I graduate college <3

Another fact: I do not always follow directions! I am supposed to tag ten other blogs, but I want to tag anyone/everyone who wants to share a little more about themselves.


  1. Great facts. Do you speak spanish? I have two dogs that we recued. I love them! I'm always going to the shelter to look at the dogs. I wish I could take them all home, especially when they look at me with those sad eyes. We have a cat too that was a stray that we took in. :-)

  2. I know I'm so sad about it too! :-( I love there Beyond Long Mascara! I haven't tried there brightening concealer. I will check it out.

    I don't speak it because I'm afraid I'll say something wrong or the accent will be wrong. I do understand it though. :-)

  3. Animals are lovely aren't they, if I was rich I'd take in all abandoned rabbits,lol, mainly because they never get the good treatment they deserve.

    I sleep with the Tv on as well, I find if I turn it off I start thinking too much about things I have to do the next day,and don't sleep lol. But if I keep it on I think about whats on the Tv instead.Its weird.lol. x


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