I have recently been experimenting with false eyelashes, and I must say that the old cliche of "practice makes perfect" is really true. I clumsily applied my first set a few months ago, when girls on YouTube were inspiring me to give them a try. Well, I failed miserably my first time around! I applied them way too high on my eyelids and looked like a total mess! Frustrated, I had my best friend apply a set for me one afternoon while we were getting ready for her 24th birthday party. When I looked into the mirror after she had finished, I was taken aback by how my eyes stood out. I was not blessed with long, full lashes. No, mine are short and rather sparse. I always curl the heck out of them though, and use many coats of black mascara so often I am satisfied with the way they look. But there is nothing like a nice set of falsies ;) And I am actually getting better and better at applying them! I'm no expert, and I only wear them on special occasions but I am very pleased at my recent progress. If anyone knows of any special tricks or techniques that makes the process even easier, please share them with me...For now, I'll keep practicing!

~My best friend and I on her bday, first time wearing false lashes~

~Now I can apply them by myself...sort of~

Am I the only one who has had issues with this? Hmmmmm...Happy Friday!


  1. I love false lashes. I love the dramatic and natural looking ones. Ever since I learned how to do it right, I would always put them on. I'm not blessed with long lashes and it makes a huge difference whenever I have it on.

    I still remember the first time I tried it. My eyes were burning because I never stopped til I got it right lol.

    You look absolutely amazing with it!

  2. i've been wearing false lashes for the past 5 years so now I can put them on in less than a minute however when I first started it took me over an hour! i just couldn't get them right. It's def. not easy at first.

    Glad you didn't give up on them, you look great!

  3. They look good! I wear them almost everyday, and learned that cutting them so they fit with the size of your eyes. I remember when I first started wearing them it took me forever to put them on!!

  4. Thank you girls, I'm glad I'm not the only one who has needed some practice! I'm sure it will become easier and easier as I wear them more often ;)


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