I have been wanting to review this for quite awhile now, but I wanted to use it for a long period of time so I could really test it out. Before I give my pros, cons, and my final verdict, I want to ask you for any recommendations you may have about a good eye cream. I just received my Korres package(FINALLY!) in the mail yesterday, and it came with a small vial of the Primrose eye cream, so I will be testing that out as well. Recently, I have been getting horrible bags under my eyes, especially underneath my right eye. I am not sure if it's from lack of sleep or stress, but I notice it in pictures a lot lately, and it drives me insane! I never used to have puffy eyes, and now I can't seem to get rid of them! Hence, why i decided to try the Garnier Anti-Puff Eye Roller. I picked it up at CVS about four months ago for around ten dollars. I am not sure what the price of it is now, but I think it varies depending on what store you go to and what area you live in. I was hoping it would get rid of my bags...Here are my thoughts:

~Pros: The applicator is a little roller-ball, and it feels nice and soothing when applied under the eye area.
The actual product is very cooling. It feels nice on a long, hot day.
The packaging sort of sucked me in. I love the sleekness of it. It does not take up much space in my vanity.

~Cons: This does absolutely nothing for my bags. Yes, the cooling gel feels nice, but it does not diminish the look of bags under the eye area. I used this religiously every morning and every night, and after three months I still saw no results. I have quit using this almost entirely, except on really hot days when I want a cooling sensation on my face.

Verdict: You are better off using tea bags, cucumber slices, or a frozen bag of peas to help with eye puffiness! I will continue looking for a good eye product, because the Garnier Anti-Puff Eye Roller isn't it!

Have a wonderful day everyone!


  1. I've been wanting to try this for a long time. I'll pass on it now that I read your review. :-)

  2. I have this stuff, and the roller does feel nice, and I waited expecting a miracle to happen and it never did :(
    I get terribly black puffy eyes and I was hoping this stuff would fix it, but it didn't,lol. Oh well :) x

  3. good thing i read your review on this because i wanted to buy this so bad since i have huge handbags under my eyes lol but yea im not going to be trying this out!



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