I got a request to swatch the mini pigments that I bought from the newest edition of MAC's "Magic, Mirth and Mischief" Holiday collection. I only own one regular MAC pigment in sunnydaze, and it is actually one of the same pigments that came in the Sexpot kit. I decided to get it anyway because I have been lusting after naked, chocolate brown, and dark soul for quite awhile now. And in my opinion, the minis are the perfect size! I have had sunnydaze for years now, and even though I love and wear it a lot, I still have yet to even make a real dent in it. So enough blabbing, on to the swatches:

These are the pigments outside their little box

~Without Flash~
 left to right: naked, sunnydaze, chocolate brown, dark soul, reflects antique gold

~With Flash~

I also want to mention that these are light swatches. I think they have good payoff, even though they are all very shimmery. Perfect for a night out! Or the upcoming holidays for that sexy, smoky, look.

As always, thanks for reading


  1. They look really pretty, they're great colours for christmas :)
    I love Macs Holiday collections.
    Thanks for the swatches, I hadn't seen any swatches of these yet. :) x

  2. They look gorgeous, I really want them now. I agee with Christina I haven't seen any other swatches either so thanks very much x

  3. ohhh. I love naked. I want it now!


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