I cannot get enough of this stuff! Every year around Thanksgiving, B&B Works brings out their limited edition Holiday collections. I know there are a few different scents, but the one that drives me to stock up every year like a mad woman is the body lotion in the scent Vanilla Bean Noel. I am a sucker for anything that smells like cake batter. The lotion isn't incredibly moisturizing, but it isn't drying either. I really just like the smooth consistency of it, as well as the scent of course. I am not exaggerating when I say I literally hoard this lotion. Once the holidays end and the collections go away for another year, I don't have to worry because I have bottles waiting for me underneath my bathroom sink =)

I compare the lotion to...

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  1. I just bought a whole bunch of Winter Candy Apple stuff! It smells so good! I'm going to have to pick this one up too for my son. He loves anything that smells like cupcakes! :-)

  2. mmmm...i love vanilla or anything that has a sweet scent to it. it sounds delicious!!

  3. Hey, lol sorry I didn't see you were tagged already, there's so many tags going around, and I've been slow at replying these days that I don't know who's done what :S Thanks for the tag though :)
    That vanilla bean stuff looks really nice, I love vanilla scents, and cakes hehe :) x

  4. I love mexican food too!! I love all of them. I used to eat chicken tamales everyday for breakfast form this lady that sells it by my work. I had to stop coz i gained weight like crazy :/


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