I cannot believe that the month is almost over. Tomorrow is New Years Eve, and I am so excited to celebrate! I have a feeling that 2010 will be a good year for me...I am graduating college in May, and my boyfriend is taking me to New York City and Ohio to see his family as a graduation gift. Two huge events to look forward to! Speaking of the boyfriend, it is his 28th birthday today. He would kill me if he knew I mentioned this because he thinks he is getting old. I think he is ridiculous!
Anyway, I wanted to do my last post for 2009, my monthly favorites. There aren't very many this month because I am still using a lot of the same products that I did last month. However, the few that I have chosen to include can be considered holy grail status, and I'm sure I will continue to love them as the winter months drag on ;)

* Mac Tendertone and Korres Lip Butter: With the weather being so dry here, I have been relying on these two products to save my smackers from becoming too chapped. The mac tendertones are discontinued, but I see them every single time I go into a CCO. I hope Mac brings them back again next summer because they moisturize like nobody's business. However, the Korres lip butter I recently showed in my Sephora haul is just as moisturizing, if not better! I have been using it religiously before bedtime, and I can still feel it lingering when I wake up in the morning.
* NYX Eyeshadow in Geisha: This is such a pretty shimmery white. I think in some lighting it also has hints of gold as well. I have been pairing this lately with red lips and black eyeliner, and it really keeps the look clean and focused.
* Stila Long Wear Lipcolor in Paramour: This has quickly become my favorite red. I never imagined I could pull off a blue-based red because my skin has a lot of yellow undertones. But Paramour comes off so wearable, and the blue tones in it make my teeth look insanely white! The staying power is great too. Even as it starts to fade, it leaves behind a crimson stain like you have just eaten a cherry popsicle. What more can I say? I am  a FAN!
* E.L.F. Eyeliner Pen: I purchased this a few months ago when E.L.F. debuted at Target. It was exactly $1! You can't go wrong with that. I neglected trying it for awhile, mainly because any sort of liquid liner scares me a little. This pen is pretty goof-proof though, and it gives a perfectly straight line.

* There is only one hair item worthy of praise this month...can you guess what it is?
    My new CHI tool! This iron is my new love. It gets hot in seconds, and my ever-annoying and yet ever-so-present frizziness has really diminished since I started using it.

* I have been obsessed with scarves lately. I guess if there's ever a good time for this sickness, it is now when the weather is cold. I like to throw them on with anything and everything, but they look especially nice tucked into a jacket.
* Beaded Tops: Shiny sequins and beads are gracing every store I roam into. Blame New Years Eve if you must, but I personally love all the glitz and glitter. It is unabashedly girly.

~My honorable mention this month goes to champagne: For all your bubbly goodness...and for getting me safely and securely through the Holidays...Thank You Champagne!~

And here's a toast to all my beautiful readers. Thanks again, and Happy New Year!


  1. Aw Happy new year to you too. Have a fab day tomorrow!
    Emma :)

  2. I just ordered Korres lip butter when I went crazy on Sephora.com but I'm still waiting for the package to arrive...I'm glad to know it made your "favorites" because I have high hopes for it.

    And I like your honorable mention...Mimosas are my favorite! :)

    These are soooo fun to read! I have got to do one on my blog too. The Korres lip butters are on sale at Sephora.com- I was trying to resist but I think I've been tempted enough!! I'm buying a couple tonight. :)


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