My first post of 2010! I hope you all had a wonderful New Years! I just want to remind everyone that the Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale officially kicks off in stores today. I believe the sale has been online for about a week, but it wasn't going on in stores until today. I personally am very excited to purchase some "sexy little things" for myself...and for the boyfriend too I guess ;) Here are my picks:

The 100-Way Bra: A bra for every outfit because the straps are interchangeable as well as removable.

How pretty is this little number? Hmmm, note to self: Do more squats!

One of my favorite perfumes. Ever.

Any of the cotton VS PINK panties, 5 for $25. I really like this yellow pair. "She wore an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini panties."

Happy Shopping!


  1. That 100-way bra is ingenious! I've GOT to get that. Have fun shopping!!!

  2. Thanks for the reminder!! I need a new pair of sweatpants. :) I loooovveee sales!!!

  3. I need to go hit up this sale!!

  4. Very pretty stuff..i like the 100 way bra n the frilly panty. Happy shopping!!!

  5. I absolutely love Victoria Secret! Every time I go to the States I always stock up on their amazing bras & of course the comfy items from the Pink line. That 100-way bra looks like it will prove to be a wardrobe essential, I may just have to add it to my shopping list. Thanks so much for the suggestions & have fun at the sale! xo

  6. Hey, Happy New Year I hadn't said it to you yet, even though it was ages ago :S
    I love buying undies, they make you feel instantly glam. I wish we had Victoria's Secret here, it looks so pretty. :) x


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