I ventured to Orange County last weekend, the sole reason being I wanted to buy some shoes from DSW. It's unfortunate that it is over an hour away from the town where I live, but as soon as I walked into the MASSIVE warehouse, I knew the drive had been totally worth it. A real shoe addict's dream: rows upon rows of heels, flats, wedges, and boots. Peep-toe, round toe, pointy toe. Black patent leather, red satin, bright blue. Any shoe a girl could ever want I swear can be found at DSW. I definitely plan on going back. It's probably a good thing I don't have one in my area though, or else I would be broke! Not to mention, I wouldn't have enough room for them in my closet. Here are the two pairs that I bought. I would have gotten more, but because I wear a size 6 1/2  or 7, many of the others I had my eye on were sold out in my sizes.

Nude patent pumps, Steve Madden. I have been searching everywhere for nude heels! They make my short legs look much longer. I have a feeling I'm going to wear them to death in the summer.

Black, suede and leather, round toe pumps by Kenneth Cole Reaction. These are so comfortable. And I just love the chain detailing on the toe. I die for these.

So cute =)

Just to show you what I mean about not having enough room for shoes in my closet...as well as not having enough room for clothes either! Ugh, I so wish I had a large walk-in! One day...

I try to keep everything organized, but it still looks a bit messy. If you guys have any storage ideas, let me know! The boxes on the right contain shoes I don't wear very often so maybe I'll get rid of some.

I probably won't be able to post again until Sunday, so have a happy weekend! Thanks for reading ♥


  1. Those nude pumps are gorgeous!!!! They are very Louboutin-esque, which is always a good thing. May I just say how jealous I am of that amazing shoe collection!

  2. the nude pumps are so hott! omg i want them now, i need to hit up my closest dsw...wait which one on the oc did u go to i live in sgv so its kinda close to the oc

  3. Fab buys! I can't wait to be near a DSW store. Your set up is much better than mine. . . I can't even put a picture up I'm so ashamed. I have very little space and so generally my shoes just end up in a pile on the floor. . . lol. One day I'm going to have Mariah Carey's shoe closet!

  4. Dear BeautyGirl24,

    Wow! You've got great taste!

    Thanks for being one of our Shoe Lovers. We enjoyed reading your blog.

    Email me at kellycook@dswinc.com. I would like to send you a coupon that you can use and share among your friends. It's just our way of saying thanks!

    The way we look at it...we're helping the economy one shoe at a time.


    Kelly N. Cook
    Marketing VP & Shoe Lover, DSW

  5. Nice buys! :D I'm also hunting for nude heels, but no luck so far T_T

  6. Nice shoes! DSW can be very, very dangerous.

  7. Those are fabulous nude pumps!! I need to get a pair of nude heels myself!

  8. love love love love both pairs. Did u see my new blog? my first post was all about nude pumps.

  9. I love DSW, they always carry great shoes...but they are a little ways from my home. The shoes you purchased are very cute!


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