No long, wordy post today girls. It is raining, and I am planning on taking a nice hot bath to relax and warm up my bones! I just wanted to post some swatches of the three Essie nail colors that I mentioned a few weeks ago in my Essie Spring Nails post:

~Luscious Lips~ Very, very sheer! A bit too sheer, as this is after two coats. Nothing special, and certainly not what it looked like in the bottle. However, these polishes were buy two, get one free so I don't really regret it. It's nice and natural, almost like my own nails but better. I guess. Not thrilled.

~Neo-Whimsical~ So pretty! Again, a bit on the sheer side but still a lovely shade of pinky-lilac. I know I'm going to wear this one a ton over the next few months.

~Van D'Go~ I KNEW this would be my favorite out of the three! Love, love, love it. I am wearing it on my nails right now and it is just so gorgeous and vibrant. And, it's super opaque which I am pleased with.

Overall, I find Essie to be a bit streaky in application as well as very sheer. Van D'Go is the exception as far as it being opaque. I still favor Sephora by OPI and the regular OPI polishes, but if I want more natural color then Essie is still a good option. And Van D'Go is now one of my favorite colors of all time.
Happy Saturday! Where's the sun when I need it?
♥ Noelle


  1. Wow, these colors look great on you! I did not like Van D'Go or Neo-Whimsical AT ALL on me! They look good on you though :)
    I have noticed Essie has been super streaky and watery lately??

  2. Neo whimisical is gorgeous and suits you very much - Michelle x

  3. essie polishes always make me need 3 coats...so do some OPI colors, but I love an opaque look! you might try OPI's lucky lucky lavender if you find essie's purple a bit too sheer.

    Love the peach too!

  4. Wow Van D'Go loos sweet!

  5. Van D'Go is so pretty! Great color! :-)

  6. Van D'Go looks so pretty!

  7. although the first one is nothing exciting I kinda like it the most... :)


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