February is such a short month! I can't believe it's almost March. Well, thank God, because that means we are that much closer to the official arrival of Spring. I didn't do favorites last month, mainly because they haven't been changing very much, but there are some things that I'd like to mention for the month of February:

~ Urban Decay Alice palette: I love the beautiful colors that this offers. All are rather neutral surprisingly; the bright green and blue in it are exceptions that will make gorgeous liners in the Summertime. My personal favorite shades are Mushroom, Queen, Muchness, Drink Me Eat Me, and White Rabbit. I'm sure those of you that were lucky enough to get your hands on this palette will also agree that it is a favorite for this month...right?!
~ MUFE Mat Velvet + Foundation: I just love this stuff. It covers inperfections flawlessly and gives me a nice matte finish, while still looking natural. My skin is still acting up a bit, but you can't tell when I have this on. I am trying to use it sparingly because I don't want to finish it. I just might have to re-purchase, despite the $34 price-tag! My problem is, when I find a product I like, I am very loyal to it.
~ Maybelline Full and Soft Mascara: I needed a good every day mascara that wouldn't be too much, but that would still give my lashes some volume and definition. I decided to give this a go when Laura of Lollipop26 mentioned this in one of her videos. I'm glad I decided to buy it. I used this in high school, and now I know why I loved it so much then.
~ MAC lipsticks in Myself, Nude Rose, and Bare slimshine. Perfect, goof-proof colors for daily wear.
~ MAC eye kohl in Teddy, which is the prettiest brown liner I have ever seen. It has tiny gold flecks in it, but the shimmer isn't noticeable once it's applied. I have honestly been wearing this every day. If anyone is in need of brown liner, I highly suggest taking a look at Teddy.

~ Ruffles on everything!
~ Florals, but I am kind of picky. The print has to be a little understated for me.
~ Jewel Tones: On the hunt for teal, jade green, bright yellow or mustard, and fushia. Remember my picks for the Sag awards? Yes, well anything that resembles those colors and dresses is what I want.
~ Soft t-shirts to wear casually with jeans. I just bought a light gray tee from Charlotte Russe and it fits so nicely. The fabric is unusually soft to the touch. Pair tees with cardigans, flats, and some great excess-ories and you are good to go.
~ Pearls: I think I am in an ultra-girly state of mind at the moment!
~ Cocktail Rings: The gawdier the better. If grandma wore it once upon a time in her hey-day, I like it =)
~ Lace. Ooooo, I just ordered this from Forever 21.com:

Please fit, please fit, please fit! I ordered a medium, figuring if it's a bit too big I can have it cinched in at the waist. I have a really small waist, but a big booty so I have this problem a lot ;)

What are your favorites lately? I really want to know!


  1. Nice favourites! Mine would have to be MAC's Spaced Out blush, Brave New Bronze lippie and Underage lipglass, Maybelline Colour Definers, Rimmel London's GlamEyes Lash Flirt mascara and Korres Monoi Oil Bronzer! IDK about fashion...since it's summer here, def bikinis and shorts! Oh and high waisted skirts, love those =)

  2. Good favorites! Maybe i'll remember to do my favorites of feb. now! I've heard alot of people rave about Teddy, i'll have to take a look next time i'm at the MAC counter :)! And that skirt is adorable! So classy and cute, fingers crossed that it fits you! (don't you hate that about ordering things online?)


  3. Great favorites. I love UD 24/7 in Corrupt but it was a teeny tiny limited edition, so it sounds like Teddy might be a perfect replacement. I really need to get Bare slimshine. If you like colors like Nude Rose you might also like NARS Dolce Vita.

  4. Oh yes I love my Alice palette! I'm so glad I didn't pass it up like I originally planned to!

    I love lace and pearls too!

    I wore pearls today! Love them! :-)

  5. The skirt is so beautiful!

  6. I love that skirt! It's so pretty!

  7. I totally LOOOVE lace and ruffles also!!
    You'r so pretty btw! =)

  8. aww! love the lace skirt, so girly

  9. i adored that skirt...can't wait to see you showcase it :)

  10. Wow I love that skirt! I want it tooo! I think the ruffles and scalloped shape is so pretty!

  11. Wow!! Your list of faves is great! I absolutely adore Urban Decay Alice's palette... I am looking forward to putting my hands on it!


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