Ok, so you guys know I love to write. I especially love to write about beauty products, makeup, shoes, nail polish, the occasional breakouts on my chin (insert sad face). But I also really like to write about clothes and how I like to put myself together. I don't claim to be the most fashion savvy girl on the planet, and I unfortunately don't have the money yet to afford Chanel, C.L.'s and Louis Vuitton. But, even more than blogging about clothing, I also love reading what other fashion forward girls have to say. I only recently have begun to discover the fabulous world of fashion bloggers, but I am so happy that I have. It's such a nice complement to my beauty blog list. Beauty AND fashion...They go hand-in-hand in my opinion ;) So here are some fashion-y girls I think you will love if you ever need some inspiration. I'm not going to go into these in detail, just click on the links if you're interested.














Phew, wow that was a lot. I didn't realize I have subscribed to so many blogs! No wonder I spend hours on here, just reading. This isn't a tag or anything, I just wanted to share some good information. I hope you don't mind =) Oh, and I also want to mention Be In Style, a blog about fashion, beauty, and accessories. My three loves.

♥ Noelle


  1. Hey! my sister just started a fashion blog as well! you should check it out. Shes got a pretty cool brooklyn style going on. Heres here link: http://daisiesandpavement.blogspot.com/

  2. Wow! I am excited to check out these blogs! Thanks for posting!

  3. @ Christina: Thank you, i'll definitely take a look!

    @ Courtney Brooke: Good, I hope you do!

  4. I love discovering new blogs, thanks for the links!

  5. Thank u for featuring me lovely, I am so proud! Kiss Kiss!

  6. i love reading other people's fashion blogs. its where i get a lot of my inspiration. :)


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