I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! Once again, the weather here in California is leaving me in a very sunny disposition. So why am I holed up inside, cleaning and re-arranging my jewelry drawer? I don't really know, except to note that I have three current fixations:

Sparkly cocktail rings that take over my tiny wishbone fingers.

Studs of any variety, but pearls, flowers, and wanna-be silver Tiffany balls adorn my ears at any given time.

Layering bracelets looks so pretty. I have three I like to layer, but I need at least two or three more!

Now let's see if I can get some sun ;)
♥ Noelle


  1. i love layered bracelets. those rings are absolutely gorgeous by the way!

  2. The blue colored ring is my absolute favorite, it's so cute. I've been looking for a big turquoise colored cocktail ring forever, I still can't seem to find the perfect one. And i'm with you on stud earrings I love pearls and any sorts of studs :) dangley earrings really bother me for some reason! I think they look great, I just can't stand wearing them ;)

  3. Love the rings! They're gorgeous! :)

  4. Thanks girls, jewelry is so fun to play with.

  5. Cute stuff! I love cocktail rings too! :-)


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