I don't know about you, but on my days off I love going to CVS, RiteAid, and Target. I could spend hours browsing the beauty isles for the lastest must-try products. New products are introduced into the market every day, so it can be a little overwhelming. Some new products are far too gimicky for my taste (a foundation roller resembling an actual paint roller? huh?) Some products just seem too good to be true. But I have my old stand-bys, products that I will continue to re-purchase no matter what new fads come and go.

Drugstore mascara really is the best in my opinion. I just don't see the point in spending top dollar for a product that has to be tossed in three months time. My favorites include CG Lash Blast, Maybelline Full 'N Soft, and L'oreal Double Extend. I like the Lash Blast anytime, the Full 'N Soft for weekdays, and the Double Extend for extra voluminous weekend lashes.

I have tried several, and I mean several makeup remover wipes. Garnier, Equate, Kirkland, Soap and Glory. But these Neutrogena night calming wipes are the best. They are incredibly moist, which I appreciate even more after trying and failing with Korres Pomegranate wipes. Those were so incredibly dry! I like my wipes nice and damp to ensure they do what they're designed to - remove makeup!

I raved about the Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette in a previous post, so I won't go into too much detail. I hope it never gets discontinued!

This instant bronzer by L'oreal is a somewhat new product for me (two months), so I was a bit reluctant to include it. I know some may not like this one, because it gives very sheer color. If you really want a noticeable tan, this won't be what you're looking for. You should stick to a sunless tanner. But if you want a slight, instant glow on your arms and legs, I really suggest giving this a try. Now that the weather is getting warmer here in California, I feel a little self-conscious about my pale legs in dresses and skirts. I have been mixing some of this liquid bronzer in with my regular moisturizer, and it helps give my legs a tiny bit of warmth and shine.

The CVS brand Cocoa Body Wash smells divine, is super moisturizing, and is under three bucks. The Aussie 3 Minute Miracle repairs the ends of my hair and leaves it feeling soft and healthy. And it's also really cheap!

I couldn't have a "tried and true" post without mentioning "the ultimate beauty tool." Q-Tips are genious! God, I wish my family had invented this one. Who knew that a little white stick with  tiny cotton swabs on each end would be the savior of ears, eyeliner, and messy nail polish everywhere?

I hope you enjoyed reading! I'm sure I will continue to add to my must-have list, but I'd really like to know what tried and true drugstore products you girls love?


  1. I might have to steal this post topic from you! It's nice to feature the best "cheap" stuff sometimes! :)

    I'm gonna have to try those makeup wipes!

  2. Great post! I know, what would we do without Q-tips?!

    One of my tried and true products is Chapstick! I have tried so many other lip balms and such but good ol' Chapstick always works the best for me! :D

  3. my favorite drugstore buys are flat circle-shaped cotton pads (use them to clean off eyemakeup and apply toner), neutrogena eyemakeup remover, clean & clear facewash, and neutrogena chapstick (can't live without it!). great post! have a great day!

  4. Hey I wanna try the gimmicky roller product ur talking about *wink wink* lol...I never want to leave a drugstore too! I have to be dragged out of it, literally :D
    Always wanted to try Maybelline Full n Soft but not here yet :(
    P.S. U can still invent some jazzy n girly Q-tips ^.~ (something to think about)


  5. Great to know! I am such a bad beauty person-- never spend the money or time on it and I need to change. :) Thanks for some inspiration,


  6. @ Deanna: I would love it if you did your own post on this!

    @ Crystal: I should have included chapstick! I love the strawberry scented one.

    @ tam: I have heard that the Neutrogena makeup remover works really well for eye makeup, I should investigate!

    @ Cynthia: Really, you do? Lol ;) Let me know how it works if you do! Maybe I'm wrong on the gimmicky part.

    @ Justine: That's the best part of drugstore products. If you are unsure about what to buy, testing out different brands is a lot less expensive than experimenting with high-end brands. Just try some stuff out and see what works for you ;)

  7. I love Lash Blast! I'm currently using L'Oréal Double Extend and I'm absolutely amazed at the beauty tubes!!

  8. I love Aussie's 3 minute miracle, it's super cheap and keeps my long hair soft. I'll have to try out the Neutrogena wipes. Great post!

  9. Your a girl after my heart~! I own almost everything you listed!!! I love the concealer, remover wipes, lash blast, and 3 minute miracle! :)
    My other favorite drugstore product is my phisoderm face wash, it has changed my skin!

  10. I know what you mean about browsing drugstore beauty...I look forward to it everytime!

  11. i'm gonna try that Sonia Kashuk concealer. Thanks for sharing darling!

  12. A lovely post sweetie. I'm thikning of trying out the Kashuk concealer palette, and Full n Soft is on the list. You should also try Maybelline COlossal. It's amazing. :)

  13. I just discovered your blog this morning! and i love it already - i plan on reading more! i love lash blast mascara! i like the wipes too, but i get the Target version of these - to save some extra pennies! i've got a blog too - check it out if you'd like. have a fab. day!

  14. Thank you everyone for your great feedback on this particular post!
    And Ashwini: I'll have to try out the colossal mascara! Thanks for the suggestion!


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