March has been such a great month. The weather is finally warm, I can forgo a sweater, and I'm on Spring Break from school! What better time than now to do my March favorites?

* NARS Albatross highlighter: For some reason, I like wearing highlighter only in the warmer months. I'm not sure why this is, but I do! Albatross is THE BEST highlighter in the world. It gives the most luminous glow to the planes of the face. The light golden sheen casts that lit-from-within-radiance. And NARS products last forever!
* E.L.F. blush and bronzer duo: I went to target a few weeks ago and discovered many of the studio line had finally hit the shelves. I have always wanted to buy this on-line, but I'm glad I waited. For three dollars, you get a peachy-gold blush and a beautiful bronzer with a bit of shimmer. Both are extremely comparable to the NARS orgasm and Laguna duo. This is all I have been wearing on my cheeks as of late.
* Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Soft Nude: I raved about this last week. It's just a beautiful natural nude that looks great with any lipgloss on top.
* Essie Spring nail polishes i.e. Neo-Whimsical, Van D'Go, and Pop Art Pink ( I went back for the last one). So refreshing to look down at candy-colored nails. And the bonus is that chipping isn't as noticeable with lighter polish.
*MUFE HD Powder: Why did I ever hesitate to buy this? I thought that maybe the white powder would make me appear white too, but it really is translucent. My pores look so much smaller with this on, and my face doesn't need to be re-touched throughout the day.

* See everything I bought in my prior post ;) But...
*The blush colored satchel from H&M is my new pet! I like to just stare at it laying on my bedroom floor. That's not normal is it?
* Shorts! Who knew Ms. "I can't wear shorts, I have a big bum" would actually love them this Spring? I just have to make sure to keep the rest of me covered.

And my one sad regret. I would have killed to own this H&M Garden Collection dress! Ok, not at all really. But I had high hopes that I would be able to get my hands on one before they sold out...which they did, in one day! And this dress was only carried by some H&M stores, and of course I didn't realize that until it was too late!

Be still my heart ;( I had visions of myself wearing this on my graduation day. Oh Gawd, it's hard to even look at it without wanting to crawl out of my skin! Oh well, I can't dwell on it. It's just a dress. A really exquisite one, but still just a dress. If anyone happens to miraculously find one in a small size, i'll pay you for it!

What are your March faves? Have you ever wanted something so badly, but weren't able to get your hands on it?
Enough crying! Happy Monday Readers.
♥ Noelle


  1. that dress is just stunning. I too would love to own it!

  2. That dress is beautiful!! I'll keep my fingers crossed that you find one!

  3. @ Emily: Thanks hun, I'm actually bidding on ebay! I've never ever even considered ebay, but in this case I'm hoping the dress will be mine. It's so competitive though, and I'm not willing to pay an outrageous price so we'll see ;)

  4. thanks lovely for the review!!!

  5. Aww sorry about the dress! It is beautiful. I'll call my H&M tomorrow and see if they have one. If not I hope someone else can find one for you! Fingers crossed! :-)

    Thanks for the comment! You are too sweet! :D

  6. @ Crystal: No, you are too sweet!

  7. All nice favorites. Too bad about the dress...it's so gorgeous


  8. @ Cynthia: Thank you. I know, it is really beautiful ;)

  9. that dress is so pretty!! :D adorable.

  10. Hi my name is Eileen and I'm an aspiring Beauty Editor from New York. You have a nice blog!Check me out at emanticoff.blogspot.com(Prettynpinkgloss). The ELF bronzer sounds nice, I love there lipglosses. One of my favs is Whipped pink. They sell ELF in the Dollar Tree now. Chow for now!

  11. Aww, sorry to hear they sold out of your dream dress, can you order it online? It is a really pretty dress, nothing like a nice red dress and heels!!

  12. @ Kimber Doll: I may have found someone who is going to sell one to me! She lives in Orange County and bought some H&M stuff from the Garden Collection to sell! I hope it works out. I'll do a post if it does =)

  13. Did you get the dress of ebay? Or from the lady in OC?

    I love your fashion advice! It's true, if I love it I should wear it!

  14. Such a cute H&M!! :) I think you need it... But now I'm being an enabler. Sorry. Teehee...

  15. Thanks for sharing your faves! I just found your blog through Veronika's. I really like it!

    At first I didn't like the MUF HD, until I learned you need to apply it with a very light hand... then its amazing! It completely sets your makeup.



  16. @Justine: I understand, I am an enabler too!
    @ MSHark: Thank you for reading my blog =) And yes, a light hand is definitely the best way to apply it!

  17. I loved Essie nailpolishes too!

  18. hey noelle, thanks for the comment. I just wished i was paid to do the makeup but its ok lol.

    i still need to try that elf blush and bronzer duo ^_^

  19. H&M Garden Collection is by far my summer favorite. I heard the collection recently arrived in stores and I can't wait to go buy one of everything!


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